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How to Style Linen Shorts | Jess Ann Kirby

I’m going to go ahead and say that linen shorts are the ultimate summer shorts. They are breathable, lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable. As I write this, I’m struck by how many options there are. Linen shorts are very popular and I love it. They come in many different styles, colors and options so there is something for you.

Whether you like linen bermudas, slouchy drawstring shorts, or high-waisted styles, I’ve got a ton of cute linen shorts for summer. If you’re not sure how to wear linen shorts or just want to find the perfect pair, I’ve got you covered. I’m rounding up linen short suits, the cutest styles, and offering tons of tips on how to style them this season.

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How to Style Linen Shorts

keep it casual

Linen shorts are a casual style for everyday wear.Pair it with white sneakers or birkenstocks and white t-shirt Creates an effortless and effortless outfit. Tuck a white tee into linen shorts for added style.

Pay attention to the proportion

Linen shorts can be baggy and bulky. Be careful not to overdress it.Even though I paired it with an oversized linen shirt and linen shorts, the length of the shorts works well with buttons because they are not too long. If you’re wearing a loose top, keep the hem shorter; if your shorts are on the baggy side, choose a fitted top.

Elevate your look with structured pieces

If you want to style linen a little dressier or pair it better with structured pieces like a blazer and linen shorts. There are plenty of great cut linen shorts that are even better options for work or formal occasions.

Stop Stressing Out Wrinkles

The first question I get when it comes to linen is always, “But what can I do about the wrinkles?” The thing is, linen wrinkles. I honestly think that’s one of the things that makes the fabric so easy and fun to wear. Wrinkles are just part of wearing linen, embrace it, or choose a different fabric!

Linen Shorts Set

Elastic or linen drawstring shorts with white linen buttons

For a casual look that still looks chic and relaxed, elastic or linen shorts are a great style for summer.I’m more of a neutral lover, but These Pink Linen Shorts Madewell is so much fun!Phi one comfortable sweatshirt Or drape the sweater over your shoulders for added style.

Striped linen shorts with a white T-shirt

For preppy style, try striped linen shorts.I love matching sets, but you can keep it simple too White Linen Buttons down or Basic tee. I think this dress would be really cute with white sneakers or strappy leather sandals.

Cotton linen shorts with top

you probably already know i’m right Outfits for this summerbut These cotton/linen shorts is a good choice. The fabric is super soft and comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Pair it with the matching tank for a chic and chic look, but you can also wear it with a simple tee and sneakers. These are also 20% off right now!

Fitted Tank Top Linen Bermuda Shorts

If you like loose clothes, you can try Bermuda shorts. A proper tank. Lace-up sandals and a simple belt are great accessories for Bermuda shorts. Opt for high-waisted linen Bermuda shorts, tucked into a fitted tank or T-shirt.

High-waisted linen shorts and linen blazer

If you’re looking for an outfit for a formal event or even the office, try high-waisted linen shorts paired with a linen blazer. Add a feminine blouse or button-down collar and strappy sandals.

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