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How to use “good” in Italian?Session Purpose # 10-Video-Italian Podcast


Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Italian podcast!

Today Erica and I came here again to watch the new episode of ‘Oral usage‘And today we talked about a very common spoken language usage in Italian, perhaps the king of spoken language, that is the word’oh, okay’. We realize that we use it often, so it can help you understand how to use it.

I think you all know what the word “good” means in Italian. But you may have heard another word, which is “Oh, okay.” ‘Oh well’ is derived from the fusion of’go’ and’good’.We delete’ne’ from’good’ and We double (We doubled) b, as happens in many other Italian words (e.g. “although”, “if” + “good”, “not even”, “ne” + “less”, “or”, “or” + ” Good”‘and many others). You can also hear’ok’, there is only one b. Generally speaking, consonant accents are more common in the south than in the north, but in some cases (such as “oh, okay”) they are also common in the north. logically (Logically speaking) Therefore, people might think that “oh well” is a synonym for “ok”.But as often happens, the language has changed a lot unpredictable (unpredictable)“Oh, okay”, in fact, almost always does not mean “okay.” Yes, some foreigners actually use it like this:

-Are we going to a Chinese restaurant tonight?
– okay then.

But one thing is strange. In fact, “Oh, okay” alone does not mean “okay.”how is it basic rules, The golden rule let’s say, remember You cannot use the meaning of’oh well’ and’yes’,’ok’,’oka’, and’oka’ alone. You cannot use it alone. In some cases, it may have this meaning, but it always has other meanings.

In fact, in the sentence “oh well” I just saw, it expresses a feeling

1. Disappointment or lack of faith.

Let’s look at other examples in which, “Oh, okay” expresses this feeling of incomplete belief.

-Sorry, I don’t think I will be at your party tonight.
-Oh, okay… then see you at university tomorrow.

—— you want (You want/feel like) Go to see’Battleship Potiomkin’ tonight?
-Oh, well, if there is nothing better to do…

-I believe it will not rain this afternoon, there is this sun!
-I see the weather and it says it is raining, but well, if you say that…

This is the first one, but there are many other ways to use “Oh, okay”. Erika and I tried to divide them into macro categories, but there are usually gray areas, so the usage can be one type or another.Pay attention to intonation: general oral use Change of meaning (Their meaning has changed) Based on the tone of voice you give, “Oh, okay” is a good example. Even gestures can accompany this tone of voice and these oral usages, and we Italians are famous for this.

But let’s look at other uses of “oh, okay”:

2. Yes, good! -‘Even’,’What are you talking about’,’Don’t overdo it’.

In the second case (2), “Oh, okay” is equivalent to saying “even”, “what are you talking about”, and “don’t overdo it”. The tone is “Yes, oh, okay!” This is a very special tone.


-When I was young, I fell from the tenth floor of a building and I didn’t hurt myself.
-Yes, oh (even)! what are you saying? !

-Simone asked me for my number yesterday!
-Yes, oh okay, But who believes in you! (=Come on/Shut up!)
– I swear!

—— it’s all my fault (It’s all my fault), I knew it would end like this.
– it’s good now Don’t overdo it! (take it easy) Nothing bad happened.

3. It’s okay

Oh, it could also mean something like “It’s okay”.

Let us give some examples.

-Want to see 50 shades of gray tonight?
– I do not know..
-Oh, it’s okay, if you don’t like it, we can watch something else.
-No, oh well, if You care (You really want to do it/if it’s important to you) We can watch.

-Are you going to buy things with me tomorrow?
-I’m sorry, but I don’t think (See “You Go” above) A lot, then I have a lot of things to do tomorrow..
-Okay, it’s okay, don’t worry.

-Do you like this restaurant? Let’s go in?
-But it looks good See what price! (Look at the price!)
-Oh, please, this time we can also spend a little more money instead of always eating kebabs on the street corner.

4. Oh, “Minimize”-(“Actually”, “Anyway”, “Think of everything”)

This may be difficult. ‘Oh well’ can also be’oh well, come on’ or’oh well, now…’ etc. This is how we define it. First, we found that it is similar to “in real real” or “anyway” or “all in all”, but it is difficult to find a single translation.Usually we use it for minimize What I said before.

-Yesterday I went to the Depeche Mode concert, it was super cool.
-But I don’t know you are their fan!
-Okay, now it’s not that I am a fan, but I know some songs.

-Hmm… I made one small accident (Minor accident) Use your car…
-Here i know i shouldn’t Lend you! (I know I shouldn’t give/lend it to you)
-Okay, I didn’t destroy it… I only made one scribe! (Small scratches)

-Do you like this movie?
-Well, not much.
-Not at all for me.
-No, well, I don’t like it, but I don’t think it is bad.

-I think I burned the cake, maybe it won’t be great…
-Oh, not bad!

-My girlfriend is Unbearable (Unbearable), I hate her!
-But how, Stay together (You are always together) For two months!
-No, okay, it’s not that I hate her, but sometimes it really makes me angry

-The joke you made last night made me a little angry…
-Okay, but I’m kidding! Do not be angry…

This Shoot (Shoot), She is very Italian. hateful (annoying). Don’t do this, I’m kidding, it’s really annoying.

5-“No, okay!”-Euphoric

Now let us look at the fifth case of “Oh, okay!” It is especially used by young people to express a special state of euphoria.

-No, oh, you can’t understand what happened to me yesterday.
– what happened?
-I got 30 honors in the exam!

-No, oh, okay, this movie I watched is beautiful!

-No, oh, this tiramisu is the end of the world, do you want to try it?

When’oh well’ is equal to’ok’-

In some cases, “oh, okay” can actually be replaced with “okay”. But remember, as we said at the beginning, the basic rule is that it cannot exist alone. You cannot answer “Oh, okay” alone. There must be something else.

6. OK = OK-end the speech

For example, when we use’oh well’ we type’oka’ shut down (end) Speech. We want to end the discussion a bit, maybe we are in a hurry, or we have other things to do.

David, shall we go to the stadium on Thursday night?

-I don’t know, maybe I have one committed to (Dates or things to do). But if I can I will come, yes
-Okay Okay, let me know.
-But I can tell you as soon as possible on Wednesday.
-Okay, come on, let’s talk about it on Wednesday.

-Oh, well, just watch the Italian podcast. Learning time is up.

-Okay, come on, talk about me. How are you?

7. Yes, oh, but/but. = Yes, ok, but/but ——

Redirect discussion (Redirect conversation) On an element that seems more important to us and more interested in us

—— He shot like crazy (He walks around like a madman) After a few months of posting resume, he did Interview (job interview) Through Skype, he asked everyone he knew, in short walked away (Idiom-work hard) Find this job.
-Yes, oh well, but then they had theme (hire) somewhere?

-I bought a 4000 RMB Lego Death Star set in the supermarket, and then I also found a water gun, you know, I used it before, beautiful!
-Yes, but did you buy bread according to my request?

8. Oh, okay (that) = It’s okay-it’s also true, I understand..

The last one we determined was “Oh, that” (also this, and therefore the “good one”), which means “that is also true” and “I understand that.” Now you will understand what we are talking about.

-Luca and Elena broke up, did you hear that?
-Yes, I saw it! Wow, (=What a surprise!) They have been together for 10 years!
– Oh yeah. Oh, you can see that they are not getting along well recently..

-Oh, it’s raining, but you may not be able to sleep at noon, come on.

Now is the time The last biggest conversation. This time it is really difficult, because there are 8 cases. But it doesn’t matter, we are here to do the dirty work.

E: David, shall we go to the beach this afternoon?
Question: I don’t know, the weather says it’s going to rain..
Yes it is, okay then! (2-‘What are you talking about’) But there is no cloud! There will definitely be a sun.
B: OkIf you say so.. (1-no faith)
B: Ok (3-it’s okay), if you don’t like we don’t have to go of course. (for sure)
B: No way (4-‘Minimize’ last sentence), it’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t want to rain.
B: Not good! (5-‘euphoria’) Luigi wrote to me that he was also at the beach! We can’t help but go!
B: Yes oh okay, (7-Redirection speech) But how do we go to the beach without a car? She is far…
B: okay then (4-‘Minimize’ last sentence), come on, walk for 20 minutes.Oh, you are lazy, (lazy) Well You can do it i work hard! (You can at least make this effort) (8-‘I understand’)
B: okay then.. (1-no conviction)
B: Ok, Then shall we go out in half an hour? (6-End of speech)
D: Yes, come on, Ok. (True “good”)

That’s all, as we have already said, don’t worry, it is not important to remember all these types. This is just a way we found to classify them, because we started to think… “Ah, but there are also uses for this, there are other uses…”. We found that “oh, okay” is a very useful word in Italian. But the important thing is that you get used to it. When you write in Italian, you will notice all these ways or some of them.
That being said, I remind you that there is a complete record of everything we say on the website, and I remind you that we have a Instagram page (podcast_italiano) I will ask you politely as usual if you can leave Comments on the podcast on iTunes, Because it helps other people find us. We have nothing else to give you, so these are from Davide and Erika.
Goodbye, see you later!

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