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double! -Thinking without Transcription #5-Italian Podcast

Today I have no reflection, only an explanation. The following is my classification of doubles, which is too scary and difficult for foreigners.

1-Glottal stop and consonant at the next letter position + continuous vowels (voiced consonants)
B) Enough
D) Goodbye into the above
G) Addition, object, elegance
L) Exercise, neck
M) admit, admire
N) Connected, year
Z deaf) reset

2- The position of the glottal plug and consonants in the next letter + vowel stop (deaf consonants)
C) Here, the eyes, happen but also ok
P) Appear intentionally
(Sound Z) Pizza, crazy
T) Attention, cat

3- Glottic stop + continuous consonant (deaf consonant)
F) Effect, coffee, grab
S) Crate, assault

4- Glottic stop + continuous vowel + continuous consonant (voiced consonant)
R) Stop
5) Use

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