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I listen very well, but I don’t speak well.Some suggestions-Intermediate #26 (Video)-Italian Podcast

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I listen very well, but I don’t speak well. or…. I understand it well, but talking is frustrating. Trust me when I tell you that I hear these phrases almost every day when I teach.but How about that (How come, why) Do so many people have this problem?

Hi everyone, my name is Davide, this is Podcast Italiano, a YouTube channel or podcast, where you can listen to Italian and learn from the real content I created for you. Today, as you understand, the theme of our series is talking about. We will talk about it! I would like to do some consideration on this topic, maybe it will help you.

The first is that this problem is absolutely universal, as I said, so you are not surprised, we are, so I included myself in this category because I also learn other languages.But think about you too Mother tongue (Mother tongue). I guess you siate in grado (you can) Read one Fiction (Fiction) And understand what It happened (occur) In the novel. But it is almost impossible for you…you will write novels like the famous writers you have read, because the two are different. In other words, understanding is much easier than speaking (or writing).

Surely everyone who can speak foreign languages They struggle (struggle) A lot, so what you see is there Punta (tip) Iceberg, you can’t see the huge mass there Underwater (Underwater) And a lot of work put into it. So the sooner you start talking, the better, if you haven’t already. Try to get through the most frustrating and stressful stage at the beginning, because then you will have more fun and it will be much easier. Understanding well and being able to speak well are two very different skills. I want to explain this to you with the image I heard in the video, lecture in Russian. Basically you have to imagine…let us think so.

[SOLO NEL VIDEO] These are the words, phrases, and structures you understand. Therefore, when you hear them, you understand them.Inside this circle is another circle We can call it the “master circle”. These are the things you really know how to say.most people They are in this situation and they know less than they understand*. Our goal is to expand this circle of control to achieve this situation. So how do we expand this smaller circle and master the circle? We need to talk.

Once again, this is the point I will always return to. We can’t make the mistakes I made. The mistakes many people make are listening, listening, listening, doing nothing, that’s not talking, because if you listen for an hour a day A language that lasts for a year, so you improve your understanding of what you are listening to, and your speaking skills may improve a lot or a lot.So these two things absolutely Don’t hold handsListening, listening, and listening will give you a situation where you understand a lot of things, but you can always say the same things more or less.

In my opinion it is easy Fall into temptation Listen, there are indeed a lot of passive inputs, because in our time Go (You just go) On YouTube, just open a podcast app and we can listen to a million kinds of content and videos we can see, which is very useful, it will help you improve your understanding, but it won’t speak better. So you have to talk. Going to YouTube is definitely easier than calling a friend, but you have to do this organizational work.

Talking to someone, arranging a call with a teacher or friend, or participating in a language event in your city requires more organization. It is certainly easier to go to YouTube and start watching videos. But there is a very useful exercise that does not require any organization. You don’t have to find time to talk during your week, but you can always do it. I am speaking for myself.

Well, yes, it’s not weird to talk to myself, It’s not the same thing crazy people (This is not a crazy thing), But this is a very useful thing. Maybe do it when no one listens to you.The reason it is useful is that there is no pressure when you talk to a teacher or a real person, that is, you have time to think, you have time to search for the words you need, you can Know you (Realize) What you can say and what you cannot say, look up a word, a phrase in the dictionary, so that you have all the time and all the peace in the world. This is a very, very important thing.

One more thing you can do is to register and Put on (Play video) (Who: upload) On YouTube, send it to others and ask them to comment or rate your performance.Have a An American channel Who did this, even became famous in Italy.

After thatAncient debate: Speak now or wait? I think it depends on you. Is your priority to speak or not to speak? Because if you don’t care, then it has nothing to do with you in this video, but if you want to talk sooner or later, you have to start.When to start depends on you and your personality: some people like me, don’t like to speak right away when they don’t know how to say, and expect to have the least vocabulary; some people like to speak due cost in croce (just a few things), Know how to talk about myself, hear myself speak a foreign language, because it’s really a sensation sorprendente (surprise), Really exciting (Exciting, exciting). So it depends on you.

If you don’t speak Instantly (from the very beginning) However, I recommend a useful strategy, the shadow, which is actually listening to something And repeat like a parrot (back of a parrot) Everything you hear. So put a video and try to repeat it by imitating pronunciation, intonation and all elements. In this way, you start to train yourself to imitate voices, to imitate intonation, even if you are not actually speaking, and then you start to develop this aspect, let us speak a little more proactively, even if it is not completely proactive.

It’s great to talk to yourself, but of course you must also talk to other people. I suggest you do two things:

  • Try to communicate with each other and find someone to talk to in your language and the language you are learning: it Disadvantage (Tax rebate) Is that you have to spend half the time speaking another language, benefit (benefit) That is, it is free, you can use applications such as HelloTalk, or Tandem, and italki also has the function of finding language partners. It’s difficult, but sometimes you can find someone who has talked to you for months.
  • The second thing is to learn on Italki or other websites.Conduct online courses, individual courses, and more cheap (cheap) Instead of having a one-on-one class with a teacher who came to your home in real life.

The fifth piece of advice I want to give you is to accept the fact that unless you do, you may never speak a foreign language Work hard Really big (Huge effort), Just like your native language.So you can’t be the same as before Eloquent (if eloquent)Just as accurately, use a language that is as qualitative as the language you use in your native language. Unfortunately.Once you accept this fact, you will definitely be calmer You won’t worry (You won’t worry too much), If you don’t know the exact word, the exact term, you won’t worry, if you use a collocation that doesn’t exist, you won’t worry, because the most important thing in the end is farsi capire (make yourself understand), This is the most important point: language is a way of communication. Obviously trying to improve, but if you can, try to use what you know instead of English. So explain, develop this skill, because it is really useful in foreign languages.

Summary: If you don’t speak, you will never speak well.

David Gemello, 2019

If you also have this problem, and you really think your understanding is much better than you know, try to think: How often do you speak Italian? Once a week, once a month, never? This is why I want to challenge on Instagram. I got this idea from my Russian friend Maria, who did something similar in French.I want to do it in Italian. I want to make a challenge. You have to record stories on Instagram every day or as many as possible within 30 days, speak in Italian, and do a short monologue for a few seconds-time on Instagram. Story-say what you want (it can be) what you did today, a book you have read, a good dish you have eaten, try to speak Italian, add tags #speakingitalianfor30days -I hope this will last 30 days-and mark the Italian podcast.I will repost your video and we I will encourage (I will encourage you) Of course this will give you a lot of motivation, Self-esteem (Confidence), I believe we will have a great time. So podcast_italiano, # speakitalianfor30days.

Nothing, let’s talk, see you on Instagram… see you next time!

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