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If digital interference inhibits the flow of creativity, and happiness is directly related to creativity, what will you do differently tomorrow?

by Get summary

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Your time and attention have never been so precious. Technology companies compete for your attention and trade it as a commodity (have you seen it? Social dilemma On Netflix? ). They lure you to increase your time on their platform and use neuroscience discoveries to manipulate your online behavior. You succumb to a series of distractions and lose concentration and creativity. “Digital anthropologist” Brian Solis noticed the demise of his creativity and developed the Lifescale method in response. He provides a framework that allows you to refocus, reignite your creative spark, and ignite a deep sense of purpose and happiness.

Digital interference can swallow your attention and attention.

People who are addicted to digital devices usually come out of real life through virtual existence, sleepwalking like zombies. They have lost the ability to focus, achieve goals, and perform their duties. The negative effects of never leaving the digital world include reduced attention span, loss of empathy, and reduced energy for creative activities or critical thinking. As employees spend an average of two hours a day on smartphones, productivity drops. The time you spend on apps, the web, social media, and texts will not make you happier. It will erode your sense of happiness, increase stress and anxiety, and create a sense of loneliness and self-doubt.

Happiness is directly related to creativity. Digital interference inhibits the flow of creativity. If you want to regain happiness and become more creative by learning how to resist distracting magnetism, consider “life scaling”. Lifescale’s journey begins with developing an understanding of why one succumbs to distractions and relearning how to concentrate. You will define your values ​​and determine what brings you happiness…

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