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Watch The Daily Show’s 9-minute documentary about Ted Cruz: “Human Nightmare”

This sentence quoted by Craig Mazin, creator of the 5-episode miniseries, sums up a nine-minute scrutiny of Ted Cruz’s life Chernobyl With Ted Cruz’s college roommate in Princeton:

“Ted Cruz is a human nightmare. I have a lot of questions about his politics, but to be honest, his character is too bad, and 99% of what I hate about him is just his character. If he agrees with me on every issue , I will only hate him 1% less.”

The remaining Daily show The deletion is full of examples showing that Mazin’s assessment is correct. Finally, for voters in Texas, Cruz is a backstab, kissing, cowardly, lying, despicable worst hypocrite, it doesn’t matter. As long as he continues to promise the fascist theocracy they dream of, he will stay in Washington. If he wins the White House, he will show no mercy to anyone who stops him.

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