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Indiya Oye: Revival of Royal Indian Cuisine

Indore, the gastronomic capital of India, is a relaxed city, and its pulsating concept and incredibly delightful cuisine will surprise you. The more you explore Indore, the closer you are to its royal roots, and the flavors of the Maratha Dynasty will be displayed to the fullest. Although royal cookbooks came out of the royal kitchen decades ago, they seem to have attracted more attention than any other Indian variant. In Indore, inferred my tryst with the forgotten royal cookbook, in Indiya Oye, Radisson Hotel The restaurant offers authentic royal recipes from a bygone era. Indiya Oye showed strong flavor and luxurious and comfortable decoration, which definitely exceeded my expectations.

With colorful seats, vibrant decorations, on-site Gazals and a bar decorated with rustic cages, Indiya Oye creates a simple atmosphere with a traditional layout.I went to travel Indian Oyster At the invitation of Radisson Blu, they provided me with a large number of samples. Some of the royal recipes I tasted on this day include Murgh Sweta, Kundan Kaliyan, Murgh Patiala, Triveni Khumb Ki Gujiya and Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev. Executive Chef Mukul Jha is the “main” curator and the driving force behind this wonderful food show. Everything on the Indiya Oye menu has a rich history and fascinating story.

The once famous royal cuisine is now outdated. Keeping this in mind, Executive Chef Mukul Jha has meticulously planned a surprising country menu for Indiya Oye, which contains an imminent story. Chef Jha’s cooking techniques have played an important role in maintaining the same taste quality. Each dish is cooked with fresh ingredients and ground spices, and finished with coal flames. Here are some dishes that I tasted and loved.

Murg Sweta

Murg Sweta

Murgh Sweta is a royal Rajasthani dish with delicious chicken in a creamy cashew curry. This slightly spicy and delicious dish uses milk or yogurt instead of water to add extra rich texture to the gravy. Other fascinating ingredients that make this dish wholesome are crushed corn, onion ketchup, cream and saffron. The creamy curry Murgh Sweta is delicious with basmati rice and Indian flatbread.

Triveni Kumbh Ki Gujiya

Triveni Khumb Ki Gujiya

Another award-winning dish on Indiya Oye’s new menu is Triveni Kumbh Ki Gujiya. Triveni Kumbh Ki Gujiya is inspired by India’s Kumbh Mela. It is an exotic mushroom and potato wrap, coated with a fine varnish and topped with cashew and tomato gravy. Very delicious and truly unique! Triveni Kumbh Ki Gujiya is best paired with rice.

Royal Darmakhni

Dal Makhni portrays the royal taste and rich culture of Punjab. This is an ancient preparation, invented by Kundan Lal Gujral when he was looking for royal pigeon peas (beans) to supplement spicy non-vegetarian food. Gujral is said to perfect the butter chicken gravy by infusing it with earthy tomato cream, and decided to try the same recipe with black gram, bengali gram and kidney beans.


It turned out that this combination was very good and eventually became a popular dish in the Royal Kitchen. At Indiya Oye, the same preparation technique is followed, including using the original ingredients and brewing them for up to 48 hours. The prolonged cooking of this gravy gives it an ideal texture and enhances the authentic taste of this Indian cuisine. Although I like to eat Dal Makhani with rice, you can also taste this delicious and spicy mixture of beans and Indian flatbread.

Kundan Kalyan

Kundan Kalyan

Kundan Kaliyan is an 11th-century royal Awadh dish, featuring boneless braised lamb legs made from its fat. In Indiya Oye, this authentic Awadhi Ghosht preparation is remade as it is, and it tastes as delicious as fingers. The golden color of the gravy represents the name of Kundan, where Kalian represents a rich mixture of saffron, poppy paste, nuts and Indian spices. Kundan Kaliyan has a rich heritage, whose roots can be traced back to the time of Lucknawi Nawabs, reflecting the grand royal feast of Nawabi cooking. Love the taste, introduction and accompaniment here!

Mog Patiala Shahi

Mog Patiala

Murgh Patiala Shahi is a royal signature dish from Punjab, featuring delicate butter chicken cooked in a creamy gravy. This dish that once ruled the Royal Patiala kitchen has become a family favorite. The seasoning is lightly seasoned with exotic Indian spices and cashews, which finally produces a rich flavor. Usually, Murgh Patiala Shahi is served with an omelet. In order to let you taste the original flavor of Shahi, Chef Indiya Oye was creative in his presentation, wrapping the whole fragrant Shahi Patiala under a fluffy omelet. Try this Punjabi dish with rice or Indian flatbread.

Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev

Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev

Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev is a dish inspired by Sindh and Pakistan, not just a lost royal recipe. This is the joy of non-vegetarians! As the name suggests, Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev is a piece of slow-cooked lamb Boti. The meat is deep-fried with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and ginger until it is soft enough to spread. In Indiya Oye, I tasted the carefully prepared Bhuna Ghost, which shattered into soft silk when touched. If you are not a vegetarian, then this dish is a must-try dish at Indiya Oye at Radisson Blu in Indore.

Attack your wife

Hare Mutter Ka Dulma

Hare Matar Ka Dulma is a surprise to the Royal Hyderabad, carefully reproduced in Radisson Blu by Indiya Oye. This impressive dish consists mainly of green bean spinach dumplings, with rich Hyderabad gravy at the end. From the first bite to the last bite, every unique flavor melted in my mouth, taking my taste buds on a vegetarian journey. Love its texture and taste!

I washed these dishes with stories with a series of creative cocktails!

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