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Interactive Brokers portfolio no longer in sync

September 16, 2023

I’m sorry to report that SwingTradeBot will no longer be able to sync portfolios with Interactive Brokers. SnapTrade, my broker sync provider sent me the following message a few days ago:

Several recent developments at Interactive Brokers impact our ability to continue servicing IBKR accounts through the SnapTrade API.

Interactive Brokers has made it clear that they have no interest in partnering with SnapTrade or any other third-party API aggregator to facilitate connectivity to their trading APIs. Even for partners who have their own IBKR keys, they ask us not to broker the connection. Their suggested path forward is:

1) All applications will receive their own IBKR keys and undergo compliance review, and
2) All applications build their own direct integration with the IBKR Trading API.

This is a disappointing outcome for us and we believe it is not in the best interest of IBKR customers, but ultimately IBKR has full control over who connects to their trading API. In response to IBKR’s request, we have disabled all IBKR connections for all SnapTrade partners…

I especially hate this because my active trading account is with IBKR.I started to regret Restore sync functionality. There are so few supported brokers that I think it does more harm than good. -sigh-


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