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Interview with Giacomo Cardaci-Interview #24-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, this is an Italian podcast, a podcast for learning Italian through interesting and authentic content. Today we have an interview with a guest. I think it is very, very interesting. The guest is called Giacomo Cardaci, and he is mainly two things: a lawyer and a writer. As a lawyer, he specializes in all areas related to the rights of LGBT people.

In the past, some of you have asked me about the LGBT people in Italy in person or via text messages. I think there is no better person to talk about this matter than Giacomo. Giacomo himself is the representative of this category of people, because he is gay, but he is also a lawyer who specializes in LGBT rights, so he can really help us better understand the situation in Italy.

As I said, Giacomo is also a writer and has published three novels Publishing house [01:11]A Publishing house [01:13] That will be the company that publishes a book. I’m talking about the three major publishing houses. We will discuss this in the second part of the interview. I decided to divide our conversation into two parts, so in this part we will discuss the legal soul of Giacomo, his lawyer career and the situation of LGBT people in Italy. In part, we will turn to… Giacomo’s life as a writer.

I also want to announce that I know some people may not like it, but since this episode, I decided to start only posting interview records on my Italian podcast club. This is because interviews are always long and they require a lot of work. I did the transcription in the past, I don’t do it anymore, but obviously I paid the price for it. In any case, I did a lot of work in setting the format of the website pages so that the layout has text on the left and translated text on the right. Here, what I have done for my… transcript on the website is here. It’s hard enough to do this, I’m not good at it, so you can understand that it’s really a nightmare to do this as a 50-minute episode text, it’s not what I want to do, so if you have a sense of the vocabulary Interests From now on, you will find the hardest words and the most difficult to express transcriptions in Patreon’s $9-a-month gold club. This is for interviews. On Patreon, you can also find transcriptions of Reflections that are not transcribed, so yes. I know you may not like it as a change, but I think it’s really a lot of work. In any case, there are a lot of completely free transcriptions on my website. In any case, the normal episodes for beginners, intermediate and advanced Transcription and glossary remain free for the time being.

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Oh, by the way, I met Giacomo on italki because I did a lot of English lessons on italki a few years ago. Obviously, I didn’t take Italian lessons with Giacomo because he is a lawyer and writer. So he knows Italian better than me. So to some extent, thanks to italki, I met a very, very interesting person. This happens to me often. I have met many interesting people on italki. Now we heard this episode.

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