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Interview with Giacomo Cardaci (Part 2)-Interview #25-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone and welcome! This is an Italian podcast, a podcast for learning Italian through interesting and authentic content. This is the second part of my interview with Giacomo Cardaci. I told you in the first part that Giacomo is two things: mainly a lawyer who deals with LGBT rights. We have already talked about this in the first part of the conversation. He is also a writer, he is a novelist, and he has written three things. Two of these books were written for Mondadori, a very, very large and very famous publishing house, so in the second part of our chat we talked about this, what it’s like to be a writer in Italy and what it’s like to be published comes from such a big The publisher of the publishing house… also about how to read a foreign language to learn the language, because Giacomo also read a lot of English to increase his interest and at the same time improve his English. If you remember, we started teaching Italki and Italki was the sponsor of this episode. I also taught English before, and that’s how we met. Italki is a website where you can learn Italian or any language with a native teacher. If you like reading, if you are interested in reading, I think it would be useful to have a class with the teacher because you can ask the teacher for all the information You need to understand a book. Maybe you don’t understand some words, maybe you don’t understand some expressions you find, you can ask for clarification. Or you can talk about this book with your teacher, you can discuss this book, if the teacher has read the same book you are reading, it will be more interesting. So I recommend Italki help [02:09] To your Italian reading. If you use my link to register on the website and make a purchase, and then take a paid course, you will get an extra $10 in credits, which can be used for other courses, and you will help me. Thanks to Italki and the last exchange: As I said in the last interview, I decided to publish the interview record in my Podcast Italiano Club from now on, so I will no longer open the interview. So, regarding the interview, if you want to translate a PDF transcription of a glossary of difficult words explained in Italian into English, please subscribe to the Italian Club Podcast, especially the Golden Club, which will also give you access to many other weekly productions and even The live broadcast materials, live with club members that I make from time to time, they are very interesting because they give me the opportunity to meet some of you and talk directly with some of you I invite on the phone and live. Therefore, you can also find the link to the Italian club podcast in the link in the notes of this episode, and now we have heard of this episode.

Question: Okay, let’s move on to the second part of the interview, which is to talk about your literary aspects, because you are a writer and you have written three books. How did this interest start? How did you become a writer, how important is this… to you? Because you obviously cannot be a lawyer full-time.

Grid: Of course. Therefore, I have always liked reading. In my opinion, to become an excellent writer, you must first become an excellent reader, so you must read more. And I have loved reading since I was a kid. I’m a very very shy person, very introspective, so often instead of…that is, I write often, to be precise, I write alone, I have to say, read a lot of me…I I like writing a lot. I like storytelling. I started to participate in literary competitions. These competitions are for… writers’ competitions. I really like to participate. When I was a kid, I just started to win some competitions. Then slowly when I was a teenager… For example, the Pier Vittorio Tondelli Award, the award… I also entered the semi-finals of the Campiello Award, in short, quite important Awards…I am. .. I will make a shameful confession, no one knows except you, that is to say, I mainly participate in these prizes, because they often give…some money…as prizes. Once I won 1,000 euros, I won… At that time, 1,000 euros was a lot, and may even exceed 1,000 euros. I took this money to Ibiza for a holiday. Indeed, especially for…for the money.I remember I did… Some prizes were really given 1,000 Euros, 500 Euros, which gave me… Gasawa [05:50], I… I… I… Let me write more…

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