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Introducing a sweet and luxurious body care set this season

The power a clean, soothed and moisturized body provides you is special. When your skin is taken care of, you feel empowered and confident, so you'll naturally want to look your best at all times. This festive season, opt for the best body care products money can buy and choose from these body care sets. Treat yourself, or gift these sets to a loved one for a little seasonal favourite.

Hesperides Shower Gel and Body Lotion Set – Fresh

What's in the set
– 10 fl oz/300 ml Hesperides Grapefruit Body Wash
– 10 fl oz/300 ml Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion

body carebody care
Hesperides shower gel and body lotion

why you need it
Well, everyone needs body wash and shower gel. With this duo from Fresh, you can turn bath or shower time into a refreshing, citrus-scented experience that lasts long after you've dried off. Both the body wash and moisturizer are available in full sizes, so you only need one small bottle to get great skin care.
holiday gift set.

Designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your entire body, the Body Care Kit includes beautifully scented Grapefruit Shower Gel, enriched with Vitamins E and C, to soften as you cleanse, followed by a matching Body Lotion to hydrate and nourish, deeply Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin. Make it silky soft.

Citrus is the perfect scent for this duo: subtle enough to blend well with other fragrances, but noticeable enough to keep you smelling and feeling energized all day long.

What's the fare: $45

Where does it come from: fresh online

Paume Hand Moisturizing Set (Limited Edition)

What's in the set
– All-in-one cuticle and nail cream, 0.75 oz.
– Probiotic Hand Cream, 2 oz.
– Overnight hydration gloves
– Carry your bag with you

body carebody care
hand cream

why you need it
Your hands can take a lot of damage, especially in the winter.Since your hands are the most exposed parts of your body, they are prone to dehydration, scratches, and skin problems unless you
take good care of them often.Brought to you by Baume ultimate hydration This adorable set is perfect for weather-beaten hands. Use the products and gloves included in the set to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin on your hands, deeply nourishing and softening cuticles. Use this kit every night before bed to soothe any irritation and eliminate redness.

What's the fare: $75

Sakura Ceremony Gift Box

What's in the set
– Foaming shower gel
– Mini incense sticks
– Scented candle 140g gift set
– Body cream gift box set

why you need it
Evoking the fragility and beauty of flowers
This exquisite gift set. If you love delicate floral scents and luxurious indulgence, then this four-piece gift set is perfect for you. Body care products, foaming shower gel and body cream, are infused with rice milk and cherry blossoms. Celebrate with a little indulgence every night and don’t forget to light candles for soft lighting and incense to set the mood. Keep the luxury cardboard box and reuse it to store trinkets or keepsakes.

LUCOTIYA Premium Warm Herb Spa Gift Basket

What's in the set
– body butter
-Hand cream
– bath bombs
– Handmade bath soap
– Scented candles
– wine glass

Apply moisturizer to legs

why you need it
embrace softness,
sweet smell of vanilla and shea butter with this bright foam gift set. Not only do you get a set of body-nourishing products, but you also get a travel mug that can be used in the shower, while getting ready for a date, or even on the go without spilling. LUCOTIYA offers all customers a cruelty-free product guarantee – carefully selected natural ingredients cleanse and nourish skin, leaving behind a subtle yet delicious fragrance.

What's the fare: $24.99

eos best-selling holiday skin care set

What's in the set
– Vanilla Cashmere Body Cream
– Vanilla Cashmere Hand Cream
– Rose lip mask
– Lip balm stick

why you need it
eos products use sustainably sourced natural ingredients, light coconut oil, soothing shea butter and antioxidants,
protect skin from free radicals. These ingredients are blended into the cream and balls to hydrate and lock in moisture throughout the day. It’s a dermatologist-recommended brand that’s hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, so this little set is perfect for all skin types and the welfare of our furry friends. Best choice. This best-selling set is a best-seller for a reason: The products are nutritious and lightly scented.You can achieve these Use creams and balms over and over again all winter long.

What's the fare: On sale for $14.99

Kind body care

Take care of your skin this festive season and when you do, choose the best.These body care kits represent Top skin care options And add some ingredients and products your skin will love. Pick up a set for yourself or choose something to give as a gift, but be sure to get your hands on these sets before they're all sold out.

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