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Introducing Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Page

Origins and Caudalie have seen 250 to 650 participations around their giveaway content—about 120% higher than their average number of participations.

For other skin care brands, this is obviously a content opportunity that can be used on Facebook.

Calculate the cost of content work

You can also use the content release participation data in this report to predict the cost and return on investment of your content work.

For example, suppose you decide to give away a gift worth $100.

If you know from your competitor’s analysis that your gift may receive 650 participations, the cost of this content activity will be US$0.15 per participation (ie 100/650 = 0.15).

Therefore, for only $0.15 per interaction, you can build some impressive organic engagements.

Discover ROI opportunities

By comparing the organic cost-per-participation (CPE) with the cost of paid advertising, you can calculate a rough return on investment to justify your content decision.

according to AdEspressoIn the first three quarters of 2020, each point of approval (CPL) on the Facebook advertising platform is equivalent to $0.20.

If you subtract the $0.15 CPE of the gift from this $0.20 CPL paid, you will achieve a minimum cost saving of $0.05 per participation, or a total of $32.50-if your goal is a total of 650 participations.

We say here at least because the organic gift event has a greater potential to generate more likes.

If a competitor’s performance is worthy of attention, it can also encourage sharing and comments, which is a better form of participation.

More importantly, the feed-based impressions generated by these three interactions may far exceed the impressions obtained through paid advertising at the same price.

So you have it. A very simple way to use the data in the Facebook page analyzer to calculate the return on investment of your content decisions on Facebook.

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