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Is appearance important? -RST # 61-Italian Podcast

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In this episode, Erika and I talked about beauty, especially: Is beauty important in life? When the qualifications are the same, should employers hire beauty services? Are you asking for photos on your resume, right? There are many other things! listen well!

Push to do something-make someone do something

You heard some of you on the radio He pushes [a voler parlare di questo] —— 1:25

No more chatter = enough chatter-enough chatter

But this is enough, No chatter – 3:03

Hold up-here: I ask you the same question

If you want you increase Question-3:42


Maybe I’ve heard their answers, I’m kind of Conditioning – 3:45

Ritrovarsi-find yourself

When You find yourself Prettier than the average person in the interview-5:31


You are me Addressing this problem? -6:08

Staggered features-deformed face

If a person has Staggered features… – 8:00


you let me excitation – 9:00

By Detachment-So far

When a person is not so beautiful By publishing Hard to evaluate-9:43


In times Hunter-gatherer – 11:10

Productive = profitable

With whom fruitful Buddies-11:20 AM

Breast enhancement —— Big breasts

Narrow hips, Busty breasts – 12:40

Ambire a-desire

They are not bodies You can yearn for – 13:10

Appurare-verification, confirmation

Broadly speaking-in general

We have determine in approximately The existence of objective beauty-13:35

Switchboard operator-telephone operator

Think maybe operator, If someone is smiling on the other end of the phone, you will hear it-3:26 PM


need according to According to these standards-16:15

Aggrapparsi-Persistence (qui: the last thing to consider)

it should be The last thing to stick to – 17:15


Result-proved to be

Maybe a prettier person Unknowingly result you Most enjoyable-18:30


Maybe not related, I don’t know-20:36

Non poterci fare nulla-there is nothing we can do about it

There is nothing you can do about it – 21:28


If I am employer I have to choose between two people-10:15 in the evening

be rejected

risk thrown away Even before you have a chance to express yourself-24:32

Send your application-application

you must Send application Full photo-26:20


These brands View very much A kind Create your own image-27:15


See a lot Estrogen – 27:40

Setting = too serious and rigid

You risk being discarded because it looks like a person put – 27:50

Oppose in an inflammatory way-arguing passionately

You mine Against you very much Inflamed – 29:04

Guardare storto – looking at someone suspiciously

Some customers maybe you They look something wrong, They think the company is not serious-29:40

Be a good person-do bad things

Not only me con man They are full of tattoos-30:30

Wearing a jacket and tie-wearing a suit

people Suit leather shoes – 32:26


The second one didn’t pierce Defaced -34:38


Look, these companies So Imischiano In the battle of gays-35:32

Pronunciarsi – express your opinion

At this I don’t pronounce – 35:44

Collision sensitivity-offense

This incident hurt the sensibility of many people-37:03

Interference = Interference-Interference

the company He is breaking in In your life-38:39

Sottostare-Submit to

Ok you must experience According to our conditions-38:50

Not noticed-not noticed

Sexist attitude Neglected – 41:20

Leak =

Free = here: for no reason

go away leakage Sexist attitude free, Right-42:40

Aim = aim-aim

They are all strategies Watching, In English we would say “hijack our brain”-44:00

Process-here: results

Extreme beauty can flow In negative things-45:56


You will trade Beautiful language? -48:05


These comments from people Slimy – 50:30

Fare numero-make up a number

You do the same thing because Make up In the comments-50:40

Sfilza = long list

A kind turn around Comment-50:55

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