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Is Michigan waking up its state police department? – Red State

It seems that it is not enough to infect the army with the theology of awakening. Now, it appears that the extreme left is trying to sneak its destructive ideology into law enforcement, at least in Michigan. A recent report indicates that the Michigan State Police (MSP) has begun to adopt some principles of arousalism and incorporate them into its operations. Although the first foray into arousalism seems small, it is not difficult to imagine how far they will go as the left gains more power.

Breibart News Obtained an MSP memo suggesting that the police department adopt a more sober attitude towards gender issues. In this memo titled “Use of Gender Pronouns”, Human Resources Director Stephanie Horton encouraged employees to use gender pronouns in official communications. She wrote:

Not all people or members agree with the gender duality of male or female. Gender is an expression of social and cultural construction, which is different from the anatomical gender assigned at birth. If someone does not identify with the gender they specified at birth, that person may think that they are transgender, non-binary gender or a third gender that confirms their inner self-awareness.

The memo continues:

One of the most personal and respected ways of communicating with others is to use a person’s name and/or pronouns related to a person’s name or gender identity. When a person discloses their gender pronouns, every effort should be made to use the designated pronouns in oral and written use.

Horton believes that “the use of gender pronouns in email signatures or other official communications can enhance work inclusiveness” and recommends that employees put their favorite pronouns under their names in their email signatures.

At first glance, this memo may look silly, but it is harmless. After all, what harm is there in putting pronouns at the bottom of emails?

However, it is worth pointing out that the ultra-left rarely stops with harmless suggestions. This may be just the first step to wake up MSP, it is not impossible. The landslide is obvious, isn’t it? How long does it take for an employee to be punished for not using the preferred pronoun? What if they do not comply with the other principles of awakening theology that the department decides to impose on their employees?

We have seen this trend in the U.S. Armed Forces.At least one service worker is Be fired Openly oppose Marxism spreading in the army. It is not difficult to imagine that the same paradigm can also be applied to other police departments across the country. Either way, over time, this is definitely something to watch.

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