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Italian idiom: A braccio (improvisation/improvisation)

Have you ever found yourself having to give an impromptu speech or speak off the cuff?If this sounds familiar, you might want to explore this expression impromptudirectly translated as “by (way) the arm”, but equivalent to the English expression “impromptu,” “improvisation” and”improvised”.

The term originated from arm (arm), an ancient unit of measurement, about 60 centimeters long.The imprecision of the unit results in a lack of precision in the measurement, creating a double meaning arm as something imprecise or approximate. For example, impromptu speech yes talk show.

two verbs that are often related impromptu yes go (go) and say (speak/speak). The latter is devoted to talk, while the former covers a wider range of actions. Some possible translations include:

  • Improvisation
  • Improvisation
  • impromptu conversation
  • Play it by ear

This expression is different forcemeaning is”in someone's arms” or”personally”.

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