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Italian Vocabulary of the Day: Scopa (Broom)

broom is the word broom in Italian.This is a feminine noun from Latin broom significance branches.

italian word for broom

The definite and indefinite articles you need to use with this word are as follows:

  • broom = broom
  • scope = broom
  • broom = broom
  • (of) scope = (some) brooms

The witch is flying on her broom.

The witch is flying on her broom.

Here are some that often appear in broom:

  • pick up (something) with a broom = to sweep (something) with a broom
  • by broom = to clean

Broom and Dustpan is a word brush and pot in Italian.and broomexcept the meaning broom handle or broomCan also be a figurative reference to someone who is too rigid.

Household cleaning supplies that most people have are electric broomwhich is a word electric broom.

Cropped view of a worker standing in a coffee shop with a broom

broom Also the name of the famous Italian card game.It is one of three national card games, with trump card and peat. It’s called “Broomstick” because the game involves the act of “sweeping” cards off the table for extra points.way of expression broom Means “win in skopa“. You can learn how to play this classic card game below:

when we talk about other meanings broomwe may mention that it is also the third person singular of the verb damn itIn addition to meaning “to clean“, when used as a verb, it is also equivalent to f-bomb in Italian.

expressions with the word “scopa”

ate/swallowed the broom handle

Literal translation: eat/swallow the broom handle
English meaning:
describe someone who walks upright or stiff

skinny as a broom

Literal translation: thin as a broom
English meaning:
thin as a stick

New broom sweeps well in three days

Literal translation: A new broom sweeps for three days
English meaning:
People who take on tasks or jobs are only enthusiastic at the beginning

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