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Italian Word of the Day: Aiuto (Help/Aid)

help, meaning “help” or “aid,” is arguably one of the most useful Italian words you can learn. After all, you never know when you might find yourself abroad in need of help!

Italian for help

noun help is masculine and is used with the following articles:

  • help = help
  • help = help
  • assistance = help
  • Aid = (some help)

help from latin Auxiliary This in turn comes from the verb help Means “to help” or “to assist”.useful help Also the first-person singular conjugation of Italian verbs (“I help”) help.

(me) I help my brother with his homework.

I help my brother with his homework.

you can expect to see help Accompanied by the following verbs:

  • Request for help = ask for help
  • Give help = Give help
  • provide help = Give help
  • provide help = provide assistance
  • helpful = helpful
  • ask for help = call for help
  • to help (someone) = help (someone)

Can I ask your help to solve this puzzle?

May I ask you for help with this puzzle?

sometimes help can also mean support or backing Depends on the context.

I don’t know what we would have done without your help.

I don’t know what we would have done without your support.

plural form helpit tends to refer to assistance, such as food, clothing and money for those in dire need. For example, Aid for Earthquake Victims translate to Aid for Earthquake Victims.

Focus on food donation boxes.Diverse volunteers sorting and packing products in cartons, working together on a donation project indoors
food aid = food aid

help Can also describe someone who is helpful.For example, whenever my son helps me with chores, I always make sure to tell him You have been a great help! (You have been a great help!)

You’ll also hear it used to mean “assistant,” as in assistant guide (assistant guide) and assistant chef (assistant chef), or home help. Note gender help If you’re referring to a female assistant, that doesn’t change.

at last, help! Can be used as an interjection, just like in English “help!”

help! They stole my wallet!

help! They stole my bag!

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