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Italian word of the day: Barba (beard)

Whether you love them or hate them, many men choose to grow beards at some point in their lives. In Italian, this type of word beard (beard) yes Barba.

/bar·ba/ – [ˈbarba]

This word comes from Latin barba Have the same spelling and meaning.

barba is a feminine noun, so it requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • beard = beard
  • beard = beard
  • beard = beard
  • beard = some beards

If you want to say that someone has a beard, you can use the verb have (have) or bring (wear).

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe men barba. may be work (Thin), Bushy (Thick / Bushy), long (long), short (short), curly (curly) or Spotted white (with gray stripes).

Now let’s go over the stages of beard growth!

Immediately after use shaver (shaver) or electric razor (shaver) on your face, you should get shave clean (shave clean). However, you may end up occasionally encountering cut (gap) or Incarnate hair (Ingrown hair) if your shave is less than perfect.

Then, around 5 p.m., you start to notice shadow of beard (shadow of beard) sneak in quietly. afternoon beard (afternoon beard).

If you decide not to do this Raderti (shave yourself) Over the next few days, you will develop a short beard (Beard scum). At this point, your partner may start to complain if they're not used to being kissed on an itchy face!

If you don't shave after this stage, we can assume that you are actively trying to grow a beard. Those seeking a more unique look may decide to grow their hair longer temple (temple) or use small items to keep things tidy goatee (goatee). The more daring may opt for the mature beard (beard) or a thick beard (thick beard). You might even decide viking beard (duck tail or viking beard)!

But if you're like many men, you may eventually find yourself standing up for the one you love barba The workload is too much. So you collect your Shaving cream/foam (shaving cream), fresh razor blade (razor blade), and maybe a shaving brush (shaving brush), and after bidding it a bittersweet farewell, you begin shave (shave) again.

Portrait of bald manual worker with beard contentPortrait of bald manual worker with beard content

shave is a common expression meaning shavebut it also has the figurative meaning of brushing against or coming very close to touching something.

If you have lived in Italy for a while, you may realize Barba It’s also a metaphor Noah (drilling / drag). It can be used to refer to a thing, situation, or specific person (e.g. That's the kind of beard you have = you are such a boring person). It often appears in the following exclamatory sentences:

Barba There are some other meanings. it can refer to tassel or small root The shape of the plant, it gives us this expression grow a beard (take root),Apart from beard Certain animals, e.g. Capra (goat).

In some areas, barba It is a masculine noun, indicating an elderly person in the family, but not the father – beard – In colloquial Italian, fake beard (fake beard) refers to those in private service.

Young curly bearded man sitting by the window, holding female hand and looking at her affectionatelyYoung curly bearded man sitting by the window, holding female hand and looking at her affectionately

Idiomatic expressions featuring “barba”

give someone a shave and haircut

Literal translation: give someone a beard and hair
English meaning: blame someone, criticize someone harshly

For people with beards and hair

Literal translation: Serve someone from beard and hair
English meaning: treat someone badly

make things difficult for someone

Literal translation: do it on someone's beard
English meaning: deceive, deceive someone

do something to someone's beard

Literal translation: do something to someone's beard
English meaning: do something at someone's expense

despise something/someone

Literal translation: on something/someone's beard
English meaning: Despite/despise something/someone

grow a beard

Literal translation: let the beard grow
English meaning: become bored

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