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Italian word of the day: Benessere (happiness)

In addition to health, happiness, and other necessities, we pursue physical and spiritual Welfare Make our lives feel fulfilling.

The Italian word is Welfare yes well-beingwhich is a mirror image of the English term – bene method Excellentand become method exist (as a noun) or become (as a verb). Another possible translation is healthy.

It is a masculine noun with the following definite and indefinite articles. But keep in mind that it is often used with the definite singular article IL (this).

  • Welfare = well-being
  • a kind of happiness = a kind of happiness
  • My welfare = well-being
  • blessed = some blessings

The place where you receive health and beauty treatments is called health Center (Spa or health Center), and that Healthy package Holiday offers are called Healthy package.

People sitting on the grass in the park practicing yoga and lotus posePeople sitting on the grass in the park practicing yoga and lotus pose

In addition to health, well-being can also mean wealth, rich or Prosperity. For example what we said poverty index The English is translated into Italian with a more positive connotation: Happiness index (“Happiness index”). way of expression live in happiness method become rich/wealthy.

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