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Italian word of the day: Bizza (tantrum/scene)

You may already know this very common word Whimbut did you know there's another Italian word loose the temper or Scenes? that word is return!

Biza It is a feminine noun with the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • loose the temper = loose the temper
  • loose the temper = loose the temper
  • loose the temper = loose the temper
  • Somewhat angry = (some) tantrums

although Whim More general, return Often represents a brief, childish tantrum, like the kind you might lose if you don't buy a toy for your son or daughter at the store.

it is often used in the plural form loose the temper with verb fare (do/do), in which case the translation is often Take action.

in single form returnwhich is often used with the verb take (take) – loose the temper.

A child was crying in the street.A child was crying in the street.

According to most dictionaries, the word is derived from the onomatopoeic word “biz,” which reminds one of the annoying buzzing sound of insects.

However, there is a second explanation that I find interesting. according to Florence TodayFlorence was once home to laywomen who were members of the Franciscan Third Order and lived a monastic life. These women are called strange (after pinzoshere), named after the coarse cloth clothing they wore, called grey or strange.

These women lived in homes and convents and were responsible for the care of the Holy Cross Church. However, by the 16th century, their order was disbanded amid rumors of immorality, including claims that they visited the cathedral at night to please the monks.

the word legend return Also derived from these women, symbolizing spinsters and their often irritable behavior. Unmarried women, lacking husbands, are compared to strangeproducing the expression loose the tempermeaning like an old maid.

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