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Italian word of the day: Magro (thin/slender/light/scarce)

Some adjectives in Italian have only one simple meaning, while others have a wider range than you might think. skinny That’s such an adjective!

since Thin is an adjective whose ending changes according to the gender and number of the subject – Thin (masculine, singular), Slim (feminine, singular), Thin (masculine, plural) and Thin (feminine, plural). it comes from latin skinny.

Magro = thin, slender, slender

Let's start with the most common meaning Thin,Right now Thin, Slimor thin and longused to describe a person's overall appearance or the appearance of individual limbs.

Although mainly used as an adjective, Thin and Slim It can also be used as a noun to express slim man and a slim woman, respectively. A False tilt “Fake slim” refers to a person who looks slim but is not actually slim. Interestingly, it’s also the name of a popular Sicilian dish!

synonyms Thin yes thin and long. However Thin almost always used in a neutral or negative sense (Too thin, thin and long is a complementary word. if you call a person thin and longyou imply that they have a slim figure and a healthy, attractive appearance.

Multiracial young people partying and socializing togetherMultiracial young people partying and socializing together
they are all slim = they are all slim

Here are some idiomatic expressions used Thin In this sense:

  • as thin as an anchovy = as thin as an anchovy
  • as thin as a railroad track = As thin as nails

Magro = light, low-fat, lean meat

skinny Can also be used to describe low-fat foods. For example, low fat yogurt is called Yogurt although low fat milk will be translated as low fat milk.

Interestingly, Thin It is also a masculine noun, meaning Lean meatalthough you could also say low fat meat.

Close-up of fresh yogurt with blueberries in bowl.Close-up of fresh yogurt with blueberries in bowl.

Magro = scarcity, poverty, meagerness, insignificance

Figuratively speaking, Thin can mean scarce, poor or meagerusually refers to a person's profit or salary, or results or results.

An elderly woman suffering from stress holds small euro coins in her handsAn elderly woman suffering from stress holds small euro coins in her hands

However, it can also describe other situations of poverty, e.g. A bad year (A bad year), little gain (Little gain), or meager sense of satisfaction (somewhat satisfied).

leave a bad impression method Leave a bad impression, lose one's temper.

way of expression precise time (literally “the lean cow era”) means “the era of extreme poverty”.

Magro = abstain from meat

Before concluding this article, it is worth mentioning that Thin also used to express Give up meat in a religious context.

For example, lean day method meat-free dayalthough Lean Lunch method Meatless meal. way of expression Eat lean meat method vegetarian.

lean day You can also use metaphors to describe negative, bad outcomes that lead to a bad day. (An exhausting day for the team = Bad day for the team).

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