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Italian word of the day: Oibò (oh/oh my/damn)

Today we take a look at this short and interesting word Oyigbo!

according to Trecani, Oyigbo (also write Oyigbo (with “h”), is an interjection of onomatopoeic origin used to express a range of emotions, including indignation, disgust, contempt, surprise, and disapproval. Some possible translations include oh, Excellent, Oh my god, damn it and OMG.

You won't hear this exclamation point very often in spoken Italian, but once you start reading Italian (especially children's storybooks), you'll encounter it often.

Sometimes you'll see it used as an expression of contempt or resentment of rejection or denial. It can also be used sarcastically or as a joke.

Young girl is shocked on the terrace.Young girl is shocked on the terrace.

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