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Italian word of the day: Pelo (hair/fur)

Anyone who has ever owned a dog or cat knows how to keep their couch free of pet hair. In Italian the word is hair or fur yes for.

for is a masculine noun whose origins can be traced back to Latin hair have the same meaning. It requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • hair = hair
  • a hair = a hair
  • I am playing game = hair
  • hair = some hair

for Used to describe most types of hair, including body hair, facial hair, and hair on animals.

When referring to the hair on a person's head, it is best to use the singular Capello (capo 'head'+ for 'hair') for singular and plural hair Refers to the entire hair.

Oh no, I have a white hair! = Oh no, I have a gray hair!
Maria has brown hair. = Maria has brown hair.

in its single form, for You can also refer to the entire coat or fur Animal hair rather than individual hairs. synonyms for In this sense it is fur.

Here are some verbs you'll see often for:

  • hair and skin = shave
  • bristles = Brushed fur/coat
  • Remove/eliminate hair = hair removal

In the beauty circle, you may come across this term fluffwhich refers to Go soft or peach fuzz on a person's face. When these fine hairs become thicker, it is called barba (beard) or beard (beard).

A sleeping bag is called sleeping bag in Italian. Literally translated as “hair/fur bag,” this dates back to ancient times when sleeping bags were made by sewing animal skins together, with the fur facing inward for warmth.

a common metaphorical meaning for Is a a moment, or a very short period of time. You'll often see it used in this sense in idiomatic expressions a hairwhich has many meanings, including almost, almost, only and Just right.

The second metaphorical meaning is surface,like water surface (water surface).

He rides her bareback,this means bareback riding In English, a style of riding in which the rider does not use a saddle and therefore has direct contact with the horse's back, and of course, its for.

Fluffy scottish fold cat sitting on rocking chair with woolen blanketFluffy scottish fold cat sitting on rocking chair with woolen blanket

Finally, while we're here, we might as well talk about verbs pillarliterally peel or skinalso has a metaphorical meaning rip off (As in charging someone too much). You may also hear playeruse subtraction s-meaning is Remove/hair loss. hair removalOn the other hand, “depilation” is a common verb in the beauty world, used to describe the act of removing body hair for aesthetic reasons through shaving, waxing, waxing, or other means.

idiomatic expression featuring “pelo”

Don't beat around the bush

Literal translation: There are no hairs on the tongue
English meaning: Don't beat around the bush

looking for picky people

Literal translation: Looking for hairs in eggs
English meaning: nitpicking

Doesn't hurt a hair

Literal translation: Does not twist hair
English meaning: Don't hurt anyone's hair

first hair

Literal translation: first hair
English meaning: Green/Inexperienced

The wolf lost its fur, but not its bad habits

Literal translation: The wolf lost its fur, but not its bad habits
English meaning: A leopard cannot change its spots

Doing hair and reverse lines

Literal translation: Shaving hair and shaving growth
English meaning: Extremely picky/careful inspection

There's hair on my belly

Literal translation: There is hair on the belly
English meaning: Ruthless/without scruples

smooth someone's fur

Literal translation: Smooth someone's fur/hair
English meaning: flatter someone/flatter someone

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