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Italian word of the day: Piscina (swimming pool)

Since the birth of our son, my husband and I have shared a commitment to making fitness a priority in our lives. While I go to the gym and take regular spin classes, my husband chooses to focus on our local running and swimming pool (swimming pool). Six months in and we are seeing great results!

pool From late Latin poolDerivative of fish (meaning “fish”).

pool is a feminine noun, so it requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • swimming pool = swimming pool
  • a pool = a swimming pool
  • swimming pool = swimming pool
  • number of swimming pools = some swimming pools

There are two main types of swimming pools: indoor swimming pool (indoor swimming pool or literally “covered swimming pool”) and outdoor swimming pool (outdoor swimming pool or literally “open-air swimming pool”). For the latter, you could also say outdoor swimming pool (outdoor swimming pool) or summer swimming pool (summer swimming pool).

A olympic swimming pool It is an Olympic-sized swimming pool designed specifically for professional athletes.

Female swimmer relaxing in swimming poolFemale swimmer relaxing in swimming pool

Interesting facts: There is a small town in the Piedmont region near Turin called pool. It is believed that in ancient times, pool Famous for its numerous fish pond-like tanks, which may have been home to a variety of fish species, which may have been the origin of the name Pisces. Additionally, several local names suggest that the area was once rich in bogs or bogs.

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