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Italian Word of the Day: Sapientone/a (Know it all)

We all know a person who acts as if he or she knows it all and is dismissive of other people’s opinions, comments or suggestions.

In English, the best word to describe such a person is know all this (or know-it-all) whereas in Italian you may hear people using these terms smart people (for a man) and smart (for a woman).

Here are the definite and indefinite articles for the masculine and feminine forms of the word:

  • know-it-all = know-it-all (rice)
  • Experts = know-it-all (rice)
  • know-it-all = know-it-all (F.)
  • smart people = know-it-all (F.)
  • omniscient = omniscient (rice)
  • Saint’s = (some) omniscient (rice)
  • omniscient = omniscient (F.)
  • some smart people = (some) omniscient (F.)

If you want to say “become an omniscient” or “act/sound like an omniscient”, you can use this expression be smart (literally a jack-of-all-trades).

I don’t want to be a smart guy, but it seems to me…

I don’t want to sound like an omniscient, but in my opinion…

Confident young man wearing glasses, holding chin in hand, looking at camera while standing against gray background
You are such a smart man! = You are a know-it-all!

The word comes from Sensibleexpressed as an adjective Sensible or knowingas a noun means know-it-all…by adding the extended suffix -one and – Then At the end of a noun, you can give the meaning “big” (literally “great knower”).

Some synonyms you may come across are:

  • know all this
  • know all this (mainly used by young people who think they are more sensible than adults)
  • Judge (literally “sentences spitter”, less common but interesting due to the way it’s constructed)

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