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Italian word of the day: Secco (stem)

Today we are going to look at Italian words drywhose main translation is dry in comes from latin dry have the same meaning.

dry italian words

because dry is an adjective whose ending changes depending on the gender and/or majority of the subject:

  • dry = masculine, singular
  • dry = feminine, single
  • dry = masculine, plural
  • dry = feminine, plural

Broadly speaking, dry Can refer to anything that lacks or has lost moisture, including land, climate, vegetation, food and water sources, etc.

  • dry wind = dry wind
  • dry climate = dry/dry climate
  • dry bread = Dry/stale bread
  • dry skin = dry skin
  • here you go = here you go
  • dried flower = wilted flower
  • Dry throat = Dry/dry throat
  • dry ice = dry ice

Dry wood burns faster than wet wood.

Dry wood burns faster than wet wood.

It can also describe something that is deliberately dried or dried, usually for preservation purposes, e.g. Dried meat (Dried meat) or Dried fish (Dried fish), and drinks such as dry red (dry red), with almost no residual sugar content.

Dried figs on an old wooden table
dried figs = dried figs

when it means dry, dry Also often appears in expressions dry. For example:

  • drywall/drywall = dry stone wall/to dry wall
  • Dry cleaning/dry cleaning = Dry cleaning/dry cleaning
  • dry cell battery = dry cell battery

in addition dry or dry, dry There are many additional meanings, one of which is skinny or Thin.

Mauro got high and fucked, just like his father.

Mauro grew tall and thin, like his father.

Another possible meaning is briefly, roughor sharp When used to refer to a person’s way of speaking or behaving. In this sense, it can also be used as an adverb (see second example).

She gave him a straightforward answer that left no room for doubt.
He answered him dryly so as not to leave any room for doubt.

He gave him a short answer that left no room for doubt.
He answered briefly so as not to leave any doubts.

This can also mean Clean or sharpespecially in the expression a violent blow (a hard blow/slap).

Sarah slapped me sharply on the shoulder.

Sarah tapped me on the shoulder.

do you know…?

dryin addition to being an adjective, is also a noun and can be translated as dry land, Dry garbage, dry partor dry Depends on context.

Collect dry waste = Collect dry waste
Remove dry waste from plants = Cut off the dry parts of the plant
Drying time = dry period (literally means dry period)
a boat on the beach = pull the boat to land

Dry season, global warming, trees growing in dry, cracked, parched soil
a plant that grows in dry soil = plants growing in dry soil

Secco vs Asciutto – what’s the difference?

Although both words are translated as dry in English, dry It means there is a lack of moisture where there should be moisture. dryOn the other hand, it is used when something is short of water but doesn’t actually need it.For example, if you say have hair dry (His hair is dry), which means the hair lacks the oils and moisture it needs to be healthy and can be quite dry and dryand the meaning becomes dry, meaning it is not wet.

That being said, in many cases the two terms are completely interchangeable (e.g. Dry throat and Dry throat = Dry throat; dry climate and dry climate = dry climate).

Some useful terms that have the same origin as dry include:

  • dry = dry (text), irritate (simile)
  • annoying = a boring / annoying person
  • dry = to dry
  • nuisance = trouble, nuisance
  • Dry = Dry (text), angry (simile)

Idioms with the word “Seco”


Literal translation: dry
English meaning: Bankruptcy (for people)/Run out of gas (for vehicles)

keep/keep dry

Literal translation: keep dry
English meaning: bankruptcy, loss of resources

let (someone) dry

Literal translation: make (someone) dry
English meaning: Kill people quickly and without warning

stay there/keep dry

Literal translation: keep dry
English meaning: usually die from heart disease or accident

dry as a door/herring

Literal translation: Skinny as nails/herrings
English meaning: skinny as a rake

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