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Italian Word of the Day: Soqquadro (Chaos/Chaos/Chaos)

Today’s Italian is ransack (masculine, plural: mess up), which can be translated into English in a number of ways, including upside down, confusion, confusion, a mess, chaotic and reversejust to name a few!


it comes from the expression under the frame (lit. under square), used by builders to refer to unbalanced or bent structural elements, or walls that are not at right angles, that could cause the structure to collapse.

A fun little fact you might not know is that it’s the only word in Italian other than the near-obsolete biqquadro / beqquadro, written with two consecutive Q!

today it is used almost exclusively for the expression straighten (“turn everything upside down”), although you may also hear square (“a mess”).

Thieves ransacked the house.

The thief turned the house upside down.

In rare cases, square can be followed by nouns to describe their state of confusion, e.g. a square room (messy room).

Surprised man standing in messy room with clothes all over the floor

I ransacked Probably not the most useful Italian word you’ll come across, but who said all words have to be useful, right?

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