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Italian word of the day: Spazio (space)

English words space With multiple meanings, for learners, good news is its Italian counterpart, spacewhich also covers almost all of these meanings.

Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at its etymology. space from latin space, a word of uncertain origin that has the same meaning as its Italian counterpart. It is a masculine noun that begins with sp-so the following definite and indefinite articles are needed:

  • space = space
  • space = space
  • space = space
  • number of spaces = some spaces

First, we have space Refers to the vast space that is available and unoccupied. For example, you might say no more spaceno space – Luggage in the car, or There is a lot of spaceThere is a lot of space – Work out in the gym. In this sense we also use synonyms Room in English.

Here are some common verb collocations you'll see space When this means:

  • give someone space = give someone space
  • make space for someone = make space for someone
  • make space for someone = leave space for someone
  • carve out a space for yourself = Find space for something / find time for something
  • looking for space = Find space/make way (through something)

Also fell under this umbrella two-, three-and Four-dimensional spaceas. Two-dimensional space, three dimensionaland four-dimensionalrespectively.

Large empty modern open space office interiorLarge empty modern open space office interior
Spacious office = Spacious office

Just like English, space For example, it also refers to a large area such as a city. Public places method Public placesand Green space translated as green spaceto name just two examples.

Moving on we have space in a sense outer space, the vast space in which all objects exist and move. At this point, it is also worth mentioning that the adjective space (space / spatial), as it is often used to describe objects and concepts related to outer space, such as:

  • That was the space age = space age
  • Ship/Spaceship = spacecraft
  • space station = space station
  • space suit = space suit
  • space probe = space probe
  • Space travelling = aerospace
  • space exploration = space exploration

A space shuttle orbiting the Earth.A space shuttle orbiting the Earth.

notes: space is also an adjective that can be used to describe something in spoken conversation Extraordinary or leave this world (For example space race = A match like no other).

And then there's that space Refers to the distance between two objects, e.g. space Between two chairs or two words on a page:

  • More space is needed between the two tables = We need more space between the two tables
  • We need to give more space to sports in the next issue = We need to give sports more space in the next edition
  • advertising space = advertising space (Newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc.)

You can also use space to describe a length of time: Provide space for youth projects method give youth programs more time (for example, on a TV channel or radio).

when it means a period of timeit is very common to encounter this expression in space (in space).

It has several meanings space Does not directly match English space. For example, it is used to represent An empty area stay to sign documents, as well as metaphorically describe a Chance or possibility.

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