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Italian word of the day: Storia (history/story)

history is a multifaceted word in Italian that has many more meanings than its English cognate, story. Let’s learn more now!

Italian word history

history is a feminine noun, so it requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • history = Story/History
  • story = Story/History
  • a story = a story/history
  • Story of = (some) stories/history

Arguably the most common translation history yes historyno story Just as one would expect. history Can refer to a chronological series of past events or subjects studied in school.A common expression you should learn is go down in history meaning is recorded in history.

I’m very interested in film history.

I’m very interested in film history.

At school I enjoyed history and Italian classes.

At school I enjoyed history and Italian classes.

Here are some different kinds history People research:

  • modern history = modern history
  • Art History = Art History
  • natural history = natural history
  • ancient history = ancient history
  • world history = world history

That is to say, history can also mean story All meanings of English words.It can refer to a story / fable in a book or a account / Narrate An event or a person’s experience.

I’ve read this story to you a thousand times!

I’ve read this story to you a thousand times!

What do you want me to tell you… This is the story of my life.

What do you want me to say… This is the story of my life.

Little African American girl falls asleep while her mom reads a book on the couch at home.
What a beautiful story! = What a lovely story!

When you lie, you are essentially telling a false story or narrative. for this reason, history can also mean lie, error or lie.A more direct synonym is lie (lie).

My son tells me many stories.

My son told me a bunch of lies.

In a broader sense, history Can also refer to things, problems, or difficult situations.For example, if you say That’s enough of this story!it mean Enough business!

history It is also a word used to describe romance. relation between two people. For example, having an affair with someone method build a relationship with someone.By extension, it can also mean affairssuch as being in an illegal relationship.

Happy multiracial elderly couple smiling at camera outdoors
Their story never ends. = their relationship will never end.

Another meaning is Excuse or hypocritical.In this case you can replace history use this word excuse me (Excuse).

He made this whole story up so he wouldn’t go to school.

He made up an excuse not to go to school.

at last, history can be translated as fuss or troubleespecially when used in the plural form story. It is often used to describe the behavior of difficult people, such as erratic children or annoying customers.

My daughter made no fuss in the car.

My daughter made no fuss in the car.

Italian expressions containing “storia”

Here are some common Italian expressions containing the word history. We hope you find them useful!

This is a story in itself

Literal translation: What makes it its own story/This is its own story

English meaning: another story

no story

Literal translation: no story

English meaning: No competition/match/comparison/possibility

same/same story

Literal translation: It’s the usual/same story

English meaning: Still the same old story

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