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Italy arrests four people suspected of sending money to Islamic State

Put handcuffs on the fingerprint map.

Italian police said on Monday that they had arrested four men who were accused of providing funds to people in Europe and the Middle East who collected funds on behalf of the Islamic State. The investigation has led to a larger network suspected of financing terrorism.

The four men are suspected of sending a total of 30,000 euros from a remittance agency in the town of Andria in southeastern Italy to 42 militant fund-raising agencies in Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand and Russia.

Italian tax police colonel Luca Cioffi said that subsequent investigations revealed that the same 42 collectors received suspicious transfers of up to 1 million euros from other sources.

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Qiao Fei said the payments made by the men arrested on Monday included 5,000 euros paid to two Russians. A few days ago, a church in southern Russia was attacked and five women were killed.

Investigators are still working to determine the source of funds.

Qiao Fei told Reuters:

Those arrested today are unemployed and have no income, so the investigation is still ongoing to determine who sent them the money abroad.

The investigation was led by an anti-mafia prosecutor in the regional capital of Bari. It began in 2017. Earlier, the Paris prosecutor provided two 950 euros from a small institution in southern Italy to a Lebanese national who was considered a suspect by the French. Reported. Collect money for foreign fighters in Syria.

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