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Karliczek refutes Kretschmann’s criticism of the Federal Ministry of Education

BMinister of Education Anja Karllicek makes a fundamental criticism of the Chancellor of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kreischmann It was rejected by her department.

Citizens rightly expect that the federal and state governments will work together to solve future educational tasks. “Everyone has their own responsibilities,” the CDU politician told the German editorial network. “Especially during the corona crisis, the federal and state governments work closely together so that lessons can be learned.”

Baden-Württemberg is also criticized

Kleishman fundamentally questioned the Federal Ministry of Education because the federal government is incapable of education policy. The green politician said that people might ask a question as to why a ministry should be introduced at a level that is not responsible for it.

Kallicek Then a question was raised whether this is also the line of the Green Party in the federal government. “I’m curious whether the Green Party will enter the hot stage of the campaign because of this statement by their prime minister.” She suspects that Annalena Baerbock, the prime minister’s candidate, wants to abolish federal education. “Perhaps this is why Mr. Kretschmann will discuss his vision for the further development of education with the Green Party.”

Klai Schumann’s remarks have also been criticized SPD and FDP in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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