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Kasper Schmeichel put a laser pointer on his face as Harry Kane stepped up for the England penalty kick

On Wednesday night, when Schmeichel was preparing to face Kane’s overtime penalty at Wembley, ITV played a flashing green laser on his face.

The goalkeeper seemed unaware of the attempt to be distracted and saved a penalty, then Kane collected the rebound and scored the winning goal.

ITV host Mark Chapman condemned the unknown perpetrator.

He said: “When Harry Kane accepted the penalty, we found one thing, which was totally unacceptable and absurd…Look, someone put a laser pointer in the stands.

“No matter who they are, they are idiots, he or she, we can only hope that this will not disappoint Caspar Schmeichel, because it is stupid and he is not worth it.

“No one wants to see that kind of thing.”

Further controversy revolved around penalty kicks-which eventually led England to the first final since 1966-Raheem Sterling was accused of winning a penalty in the first half of overtime.

When Sterling received the ball at the beginning of the move, there was a second ball on the court.

If there are two balls on the field, the referee will usually stop the game according to the rules of the game.

If the ball does not interfere with the game, they can use their judgment and ignore it, but in this case, the stray ball is near Sterling and the Danish defender, which can be said to be a distraction.

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