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LGBTQ rights groups are blocked by China’s largest social media app

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The blocking of accounts has aroused criticism from the United States. The United States often puts China on human rights issues, and under the leadership of President Joe Biden, he vowed to promote LGBTQ rights.

“We are concerned that China restricts the social media accounts of LGBTQI+ student groups and non-governmental organizations, which are simply expressing their views and exercising their rights to freedom of speech and free speech,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price Tell reporters.

“We are opposed to using Internet restrictions to suppress online freedom of speech. Whether in China or anywhere, it doesn’t matter to us,” Price said.

Although no government agency claimed responsibility for the deletion, activists worry that these seemingly coordinated actions may be motivated by the anti-LGBTQ agenda.

Sun Wenlin, co-founder of China Marriage Equality Advocacy Network, told AFP that the one-time blockade of the account indicated that “someone in the government department may have written an internal report for the senior management,” including an LGBTQ list of social media groups.

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