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After 51 shootings occurred on the weekend of July 4, Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for gun violence in New York State

The governor said there were 51 shootings in the state during the holiday weekend of July 4 Andrew Cuomo He said when signing the executive order.

Governor Cuomo’s state disaster statement described gun violence as a public health crisis, and Coronavirus disease The pandemic and the resulting public health response.

The directive will raise US$138.7 million (£100 million) for gun violence intervention and prevention programs.

Earlier reports said that the number of gun deaths across the country has increased, including nearly 200 over the weekend.

US President Joe Biden announced a White House strategy in late June to deal with the rise in homicides.

This includes reducing rogue gun dealers and gun trafficking, and providing more funds for law enforcement officers and others.

“If you look at the recent figures, there are now more deaths from gun violence and crime than Covid,” said Mr. Cuomo, the Democratic governor.

“Just like we did with Covid, New York will once again lead the country with a comprehensive approach to combat and prevent gun violence.”

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