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Like and like August 2021

Disclosure-Some featured products are news samples and I will mention the brand a little bit. These will be clearly marked with *.

These few months have passed.It seems only five minutes since I shared our information Previous likes and loves.
August is a lovely month full of birthday celebrations, cakes and shepherds’ huts! This is very epic.
This is what we liked and loved in August.


We celebrated Craig’s 41st birthday, which is lovely. I baked him a chocolate fudge birthday cake, and he opened all his gifts. Then we went to Devon to continue the celebration and we had a wonderful time.

The chocolate fudge cake I baked for Craig’s birthday. For this reason, I suspended my diet!
Craig bake cakes much better than me, so he had to make do with mine. But it’s really delicious.

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate star decoration and candles


We just returned from a trip to Devon to celebrate Craig’s birthday. We live in a cute yurt in a super comfortable shepherd’s hut! We had the best time and the kids loved it. The owner Liz is very cute and she did her best to make our stay enjoyable.
I will share a blog about it soon.

The cyan Sheperd cottage has a patio area and rattan furniture with a fire pit.


New semester, new stationery! We used so many pens and pencils in school at home, and I always like to refresh our collection.I like this gorgeous Peter Rabbit Stationery Range from Beatrix Potter Gifts By Enesco.
The pencil case is made of canvas, with plenty of internal space and great value for money. You can get a beautiful fountain pen to match the cute charm on the top.
There are also notebooks, water bottles, glasses cases, lunch boxes and almost all other items that you need to readjust to school/home education.

Peter Rabbit pencil case, notebook and pen with the British flag pattern.


The flowers in the garden are so beautiful this year, especially my dahlias. They are beginning to fade now, but they have performed wonderfully throughout the summer. Now look forward to the orange and red hues of autumn.

Dahlia, tobacco and the universe are in our pots.

*OGGS bite

If you haven’t found OGGS Then you need! They have a wide range of vegetarian-friendly plant-based snacks.

They have a new range of baked goods, absolutely amazing! OGGs are very low in calories, and everyone thinks they taste great! We tried the bite of brownies and millionaires. My personal preference is the bites of millionaires, they are so delicious. There are nine in each bag, and even the packaging is earth-friendly.

OGGS Vegan Chocolate Chunk Snacks


I tried Footner exfoliating socks Before, but I was very impressed with the results of using them again.
You just need to put on ready-to-wear plastic socks and use tape to fit them around your ankles. You keep them for 60 minutes and that’s it. In the next few days, your feet begin to peel and remove dead skin. It’s a bit disgusting, but I was weird and found it very satisfying!
The feet feel super soft after treatment!

A foot peeling cream

* Read the egg workbook

We used Reading eggs and math seeds It has been a while since Jayden was young. They are good online educational resources for family educators and elementary school students. We recently received new reception skills workbooks and they are great. Anything that helps your child’s education will be supported by us.

Read egg math and reading books for children of the reception year

Both Maths Seeds and Reading Eggs books are broken down into 15-minute lessons so that children won’t get bored. The illustrations are interesting and make every lesson interesting.

Reception of children to read the sum of the eggs in the study book

What do you like lately?

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