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Like and like June 2021

* Disclosure-Some featured products are news samples, I will mention the brand a little bit. These will be clearly marked with *.

As we enter another month, it means that it must be time to publish another “like and love” post. I can’t believe we are already in July!It seems that it has only been five minutes since I wrote our article May’s likes and loves!
Having said that, this is what we enjoyed in June.

*New hair care

I recently discovered Survive forever A new type of shampoo and conditioner rich in aloe, jojoba oil, argan oil and rosehip oil. It does not contain any nasty things and the smell of tropical fruits, it is definitely lush.
Forever Living shampoo is suitable for all hair types, gently cleanses and removes dirt and oil, while keeping the hair super soft. I recently dyed my hair, so I need to moisturize it regularly, otherwise it will end up like straw!
After a few uses, I did notice a difference in the overall condition of my hair.

The conditioner feels very luxurious and does not make my hair feel greasy like some conditioners. Very suitable for daily use.


I really like Beth O’Leary and I really like the books I have read so far.I was listening recently Switch via Audible This is another great book. Lena, in her early twenties, was ordered to take a two-month leave after boasting about a large speech at work. She spends some time relaxing at her grandmother’s house (Eileen).
Irene was single recently at the age of 80 and decided that if she wants to rekindle her love life, she needs to look elsewhere, so they both decided to exchange two months of life.

The Switch is easy to listen to, and there are a lot of humorous tongues along the way. love it!

There are two Switch audio books at the front door.

Air fryer

For many years, I have been considering the idea of ​​buying an air fryer, and we are planning to buy one recently. I have to say that this is the best decision we can make. We bought Ninja and I like it very much!
It’s great to make homemade fries and fried wedges without dripping fat like the old fryer.
I hate that when you make potato cubes in the oven, you always get one or two cold, but when made in an air fryer, they are crispy and fluffy on the inside, amazing. I will release many air fryer recipes soon!

Ninja Air Fryer Cooking Wedge

New series watch

I like to find really exciting things, and we really like Time on BBC iPlayer. Sean Bean plays Mark Cobden, a school teacher who was convicted of accidentally killing a man. He soon realized that prison life would be cruel.
This is a short series, so you can finish it quickly. Absolutely wonderful and worth seeing.

* Cunning surprise

This Amazing crafts from John Adams It is a mysterious suit in a crayon-shaped box. Each kit is equipped with everything needed to create a surprise craft project.
There are 6 kinds of crafts to try-

  • Shiny kitten coin purse
  • Panda bag charm
  • Dream Catcher
  • BFF bracelet
  • Clay donut bowl
  • Pencil tip

Very suitable for travel.

Kitten coin purse craft kit from John Adams

* Faceittea

Another fab brand I recently discovered is Face it.
Faceitteaa is a sustainable skin care brand that aims to invigorate your skin care routine with all natural plant ingredients. All products are completely organic, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. I have been trying the Skin Reset series and it is very friendly to my skin.
I usually use mine Crochet facial scrub Clean my face because it can avoid the waste caused by using lint pads.
I am happy to find that the Faceittea cleaning pads are compostable, so using these cleaning pads will not generate potential landfill waste. All in all, a very environmentally friendly brand.

Faceittea facial scrub and mask come in a purple card package with a sprig of lavender next to it.

*Hydroclash Elite

Hydroclash Elite It is a fun water game suitable for children over 7 years old. The kit includes-

  • goggles
  • vest
  • ammunition
  • Shooter

Aim, shoot, splash! Soak your ammo sponge ball and fire at your opponent. The shield can be used to deflect shooting.
When the ammunition comes into contact with other players, the vest will change color.

Playing in the garden this summer is really a fun activity. Keep in mind that you need two of these sets to be matched, which may be worthwhile.

Hydroclash children's water catapult game set

My eldest son is playing hydraulic conflict in the woods.

What are you enjoying recently?

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