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Bugatti-Rimack’s venture capital behind Chiron, built by Nevera super sports car

In the newly established joint venture, Bugatti-Rimac Two supercars will be built-the Bugatti Chiron and the all-electric Rimac Nevera.

High-end performance car produced in cooperation with both parties Porsche Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac and Volkswagen Bugatti The brand was announced on Monday. The new partnership is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Sports cars from automakers will include Bugatti Chiron, Which was first launched by Bugatti in March 2016. It provides 1,500 horsepower through an 8-liter, 16-cylinder, four-turbocharged power system.

Bugatti called the Chiron “the fastest, most powerful, and exclusive mass-produced supercar” in its history.

Bugatti said on its website about Chiron: “Its exquisite design, innovative technology, and iconic, performance-oriented form make it a unique masterpiece of art, form and technology that breaks the boundaries of imagination.”

This Remark refrigeratorIt debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2018 and is powered by an all-electric power system rated at 1,900 horsepower. This super sports car can reach speeds of more than 250 miles per hour and has a price tag of $2.5 million. After each charge, the car’s mileage is approximately 340 miles.

“That’s it. Rimac founder and CEO Mate Rimac said in a statement at the Nevera prototype car launch event: “This is the car I thought of when I started the’impossible’ journey ten years ago. “” All our hard work made Nevera-our record-breaking supercar. The purpose of this car was to surpass and raise the standard, redefining the standard of high-performance cars. Not only in terms of performance-but also as an all-round package.

He continued: “We have now launched a car that will push the supercar market to a higher level. Today, we have made full use of the potential of the electric power system, which proves what we have been talking about-electric supercars, with Nevera order It’s exciting, it’s also exciting on the track, because it’s so admirable as it travels across continents.”

The financial terms of the new Bugatti-Rimac joint venture have not yet been announced, but Rimac will hold a 55% stake in the partnership, while Porsche will hold a 45% stake in the company. According to the two companies, Bugatti’s shares will be transferred to Volkswagen, which owns Porsche and Bugatti, then to Porsche, and then to Rimac. NBC Finance Channel.

Rimac founder and CEO Mate Rimac said in a statement: “I have always loved cars. In Bugatti, you can see where the passion for cars can take you. I can’t start telling you my knowledge of the combination of these two brands. How excited about the potential of, technology and value to create some truly special projects in the future.”

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