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The Italian government continues to take action against rescue ships

DSOS Méditerranée, a private rescue organization based in Marseille, has rescued 572 ship migrants in the past few days and nights, and demanded that its “Ocean Viking” ship be immediately assigned a safe harbor. A press release issued by the organization on Tuesday stated that after no responsible maritime authority took over the coordination of rescue operations off the coast of Libya and the coast of Malta, “we must bring tired people to safety as soon as possible”, at least for now.

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“Our experience at sea in the past few days is shocking,” said Luisa Albera, the search and rescue coordinator on the “Pirates of the Sea”. “We have rescued hundreds of people who are more likely to venture out to sea. People. Die instead of staying in Libya. We call on the EU to at least coordinate now, because the 572 rescued people can quickly land ashore in a safe place on our ship.” In Brussels, a spokesperson said European Commission On Tuesday, the European Union did not assign administrative power to the ports, but at best it could only try to exert political influence on the EU countries bordering the Mediterranean.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Ocean Viking was in international waters west of Malta. Based on the experience of the past few months, the possibility that the Valletta government will provide a Maltese port for the ship is ruled out. In similar circumstances, the Roman government had designated a port on the Italian Mediterranean island of Sicily in the past. The leader of the opposition “Italian Brothers”, Georgia Meloni, called on her Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon that “a French NGO ship with nearly 600 illegal immigrants on board” should “set a route for Marseille.” Italy “is neither a refugee camp in Europe nor a colony of France or Germany.”

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In the past few months, rescue organizations in Germany and France in particular have sent ships to carry out rescue missions in the central Mediterranean. Ocean Viking is currently the only private rescue boat there.Different from the term of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini From June 2018 to August 2019, under the leadership of Salvini’s nonpartisan successor Lucia Lamorgese, ships with rescued migrants on board no longer had a port blockade for weeks. Matteo Villa, a political scientist at the Institute for International Politics (ISPI), a think tank in Milan, calculated that under Ramor, a private aid ship carrying rescued migrants would only take two days on average. Half time to allocate Italian ports as safe berths. After that, the Ocean Viking should soon be able to enter a port in Sicily.

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