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Listen to this episode! -Spoken Use # 13-Video-Italian Podcast


I am watching a movie tonight. I am watching a movie tonight. But what is the difference? !

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Italian podcast, in the new episode of “Conversation Purposes”, for the first time from my apartment in Budapest, you actually only see curtains and walls, but it doesn’t matter. I would say immediately start using today’s oral usage, which is very common in Italian.

Let’s immediately start with some examples I wrote to myself.

tonight I I watch a movie.
you are Eat a whole piece of cake?
my brother with I am exploring Europe by bike.

So…Did you see anything strange at these stages? The normal form we expect is:

tonight I I watch a movie.
you are Eat a whole piece of cake?
my brother with I am exploring Europe by bike.

There are some differences in the revised sentence, see if you can understand the changes. Then we will do other examples, this time the paradigm first, and then the modified one.

Carlo and I are going for a walk.
Carlo and I are going to doCI Take a walk.

You had a great holiday!
you are Happy holidays!

Beatrice read all Harry Potter books in one month.
Beatrice Yes it is Read all Harry Potter books in one month.

I think you have noticed what’s the difference In these revised sentences.

  • The auxiliary verb “to have” becomes “to be” (so “I ate” becomes “I ate yourself”), just like a reflexive verb.
  • Added pronouns. “I looked at myself”, “I ate myself” and so on.

It is estimated that you have heard similar usages, which are not colloquial, but are actually quite normal, such as:

What does it mean: “I wash my hands”. Did I wash it myself?So not
Exactly the same situation, because if I say:

We can’t say that I watch the movie by myself, it doesn’t make sense.


  • “Antonio cut his beard.”

Antonio cut off his own beard, because he can also cut other people’s beards. If it were a barber, he would cut it to others, right?Although, I don’t know… “I’m going to be a
“Walking” does not mean that I go for a walk by myself. The structure is similar, only this difference.

So what is the difference between “eating cake” and “eating cake” or “watching a movie” and “watching a movie”?

  • Have a Differences in registers, Because eating cakes is more colloquial. But in addition to colloquialism, there is another…
  • shadow satisfaction, of pleasure, of enjoy.

If i say “I want to eat cake” This action probably made me very happy, right? This is what I like to do. If I say “I ate a sandwich” instead of “I ate a sandwich”, but I ate a sandwich, it may be an action I like, or at least it is clear from this sentence that you Understanding is something that makes me feel satisfied.

There are other verbs in Italian with pronouns that we cannot explain, such as “go away“. Let us ignore “ne”, we don’t care… That is to say, “ne” means “from here”, so in theory “let us get out of here”.

But what is the “if” for? That is, “I’m leaving”, “You’re leaving”, “He’s leaving”, “We’re leaving”, “You’re leaving”, “They’re leaving”. What are these pronouns used for? These pronouns have no practical meaning because I can say “I want to go home” and I can also say “I want to go home”.of course “I’m going home” is a
More conversation, Is a lower register.The second thing: there is a shadow
Annoying. This is of course a more direct and almost aggressive phrase. For example, if I say… if I give an order and say: “Go away!” “Vattene via” is a very powerful and very direct phrase, even more direct than “Go away.”
So in this case, there is no shade of such happiness, although it can appear in other contexts. For example, if I say: “Tomorrow I am going to the mountain”, it means that I may like the mountain and I will like the mountain. (Will you see it? “I would like mountains”, there is also this pronoun particle)

Spoken sentences that must use pronouns

I want to talk to you about colloquial sentences in which pronouns are mandatory. Let me give you a few examples. For example, if I say:

  • tonight There Let’s shoot/drink beer.

Or something similar. What does it mean? In fact, let’s have a beer. Or we have a beer.We can’t say: “Raga, let’s have a beer” or “Raga, let’s have a beer” because
“Making beer” means producing beer.It’s just a Very conversational use It must say “we shoot ourselves” and “we make ourselves”, otherwise this sentence is meaningless.

This is a very common colloquial usage, I suggest you try to use it when speaking, because you will definitely sound more Italian. I know it’s not easy, so these videos will provide more help as always to get you used to it. So maybe when you hear it, you will remember this explanation, more or less what I told you. You will be clearer. However, if you manage to start using it, it must be “very cool”, as they say, it will make you more Italian.

Now is the biggest conversation. Unfortunately, as you can see, my company does not have Erika, so I will have to do the “Erika” work alone, but I will try my best.

Biggest conversation

-Hi David, I saw it You are here fact Have a nice trip this weekend. Have you been to Budapest?

– Yes Yes, We shoot ourselves 15 hours by bus from Turin, but worth it. (Editor’s note: In this case, “shooting” does not mean pleasure, but the opposite. But very colloquial)

-But did you shoot a lot in Budapest?

– Uh, We made it ourselves Walk 70 kilometers in two days, so I would say yes.

– that’s it You ate, Is the food there delicious?

– Yes it is, We shoot ourselves Lots of beer.

-Then there is the famous Hungarian beef stew and the very famous paprika. I have got also buy As a souvenir. This city is really beautiful, if you can go there, I highly recommend it.

-You make me want you.tonight I’ll buy Tickets. What are you doing tonight?

-I think Bio and I will go See us A movie, but the first thing we think of is Eat us Pizza at 8 o’clock in my house. Do you want to come?

– of course, I do Beard then I am coming!

That’s all for today, Listen again This video, Watch it In order to better understand, Listen to yourself Our podcast, watch all the videos we make and learn this usage, because it can come back It will be useful in the future.

Having said that, we will hear from you soon (or at least I hope so).


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