According to a press release issued by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday, Lori Vallo Debel has been charged by a grand jury in Maricopa County, Arizona on one count of conspiracy to murder ex-husband Charles Vallo. Prosecute.

“Lori N. Vallow, on or about July 11, 2019, intended to promote or help commit a crime, namely first-degree murder, and reached an agreement with Alexander Cox [her brother] At least one or the other of them will be involved in first-degree murder,” read the prosecution file submitted to the court.

Earlier this month, Valor was also charged with the murder of her two children. She was ordered by a judge to keep the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare in custody for 90 days as part of the process of assessing her mental health. .

A grand jury in Maricopa County charged Lori Vallow Daybell with murder on Tuesday night.

This is a breakthrough story and will be updated as more information becomes available.