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MacDonald said July 12 was a “Leadership Test of Political Unionism.”


His loyal marching season Northern Ireland Is a “leadership test” of unionism, according to Sinn Fein President Mary Lou MacDonald.

Due to anger over the Northern Ireland Protocol, people expressed concern about the possibility of chaos before and after the July 12 march, and unionists believed that the Protocol was destroying trade unions in the UK.

The dispute over the agreement caused turmoil Rear And UUP, both parties have recently installed new leaders.

The split is most obvious in the DUP, and the internal coup overthrew both Arlene Foster Before Sir Jeffrey Donaldson was approved last week, Edwin Putz was the leader.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson / Amplifier line

In order to commemorate the victory of King William of Orange in the Battle of the Boyne River, some political posters, including Sinn Fein, SDLP, and Union materials, were placed on July 11th before the traditional parade on July 12th. I have seen it on some fires.

At the same time, negotiations are going on around the bonfire near the Peace Line in Dunkane Gardens, north of Belfast.

Police said last week that only two or three of the 250 bonfires erected across Northern Ireland were worrying locations.

Coalition leader Naomi Long was one of the politicians who posted posters on the campfire.

She wrote on Twitter: “I am often bullied and wrongly accused of disgusting loyalists and unionists. Nothing is far from the truth. I would like to know how loyal people use intimidation and blatant hatred. The behavior burned my image.

“It’s not culture to burn people’s images, guys.”

When asked about Ms. McDonald’s comments, Sir Jeffrey urged people to behave respectfully.

He told UTV: “Well, I don’t control bonfires and what people do with them, but I will definitely encourage people to act in a respectful way.

“We all have our differences, and at this time of the year, these differences will become more prominent, but I never thought about burning portraits or posters — I used to have Republicans burn my posters on a campfire — —I don’t think that is the way we want to see it.

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