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ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement product reviews-complete meal solutions made simple

Review – You don’t have to go on a diet or become an athlete to benefit from diet science. When it comes to food, the rule of thumb is really just to know what you are eating. Mana has created complete dietary solutions, including powders or ready-to-drink formulas that need to be mixed. Both can completely replace meals in manageable quantities, allowing you to reduce, maintain or even gain weight to meet your health goals without worrying about trying to balance nutrition. Ready to learn more about ManaDink and ManaPowder meal replacement products? I was.

what is it?

ManaDink and ManaPowder meal replacement products are complete meal solutions that you can allocate to easily meet your dietary needs. Counting calories is a pain. Mana makes it easy.

What’s in the box?

Shown here are starter kits and tasting packages.

Starter kit includes

  • MANA custom Nalgene bottle
  • Where is the spoon

The tasting package contains

  • 2 servings of ManaPowder-1 origin, 1 chocolate
  • 2 servings of ManaDrink – 1 origin, 1 chocolate

ManaPowder has 35 meals in standard packaging or 140 meals in family packaging
ManaDrink comes in a box with 12 ready-to-eat meals.

Nutritional specifications

What you need to know is that ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement products have some serious nutritional science.

  • 42 essential nutrients
  • 4 new types of proteins (6 in total)
  • 1 new type of fat (6 types in total)
  • 5 new types of fibers (8 types in total)
  • 38 vitamins and minerals
  • Three new forms of minerals: Mg, K, Zn
  • Rich in algae omega-3 (EPA and DHA)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Low glycemic index (29)
  • No genetically modified organisms

Below are links to the nutritional details of these two products. ManaDrink nutrition | Mana Powder Nutrition

Design and features

The Mana formula comes in a dry bag that can be mixed with water, or in a ready-to-drink Tetra Pak bottle for quick consumption.

ManaDink and ManaPowder meal replacement products

Both the ManaDrink shown below and the smaller ManaPowder offer a single meal. The larger bag below contains about 5 servings.

Set up

How you use ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement products is up to you. The figure below is a graph of ManaPowder, showing the ratio of powder to water. I find that the meal description is very accurate and it is a simpler way to measure how much to make, and measuring water at the beginning always makes me want to increase the serving size.

To make Chinese food, start with 450 ml of water.

Add 3 scoops (or 15 tablespoons, so don’t misplace the mana scoops). It packs well, so being able to put the spoon heavily in the bottle is helpful.

It will become a little lumpy when added to water, so you need to shake your bottle vigorously to break it.

The result is about 600 milliliters of chocolate mana.

If you choose to use ManaDrink, just unscrew the lid and enjoy. They are good at room temperature, or in my opinion, fresh from the refrigerator is much better.

which performed

I believe this is the case for many of you, and I certainly did not get enough outing last year. Fortunately, this did not cause my body to swell, but I had to watch it. When the Mana care kit arrived, I decided to change my lunch every day for the first week to see how it would go. I alternate between Origin and Choco flavors, and usually choose 3 scoops.

The taste of ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement products surprised me. Their consistency is very similar to a smooth milkshake. Very delicious, no grit and no chalky aftertaste. Origin tastes oatmeal and almost peanut butter. As you might expect, the taste of chocolate completely reminds me of chocolate milk, and it is easily my favorite. My wife, she is a runner and she agrees that these are really delicious and they did not disappoint. win!

ManaPowder itself is not a real powder, as the name implies. It is closer to the consistency of brown sugar, which causes me to measure it like brown sugar, you put it in a spoon. It’s easy, and the help of the pouch is that you can press it from the outside, but it does make you work harder to mix it. Maybe this is their plan?

No matter how long I shake the magic bottle hard, there will always be some clumps. The good news is that due to the texture of ManaPowder, it tastes more like a small bite of protein bar rather than a mass of dry powder. I didn’t care about them that much in the end. According to the record, both flavors occur. In the image below, you can see the worst case, where the clumps are the size of marble.

In order to minimize this, I picked up some stainless steel stirring balls and can put them in the bottle before shaking. These certainly helped, but still did not eliminate the problem. Another technique I used was to add some crushed ice. This also helps to provide a muddy-like texture.

At the end of the first week, I lost 5 pounds, and the only change in my daily life was to replace lunch with ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement products. Still walk the dog twice a day, but there is no other real exercise (this is not what I meant, just to let you know that I did not add any new calorie burning activities). I still eat the usual egg breakfast or a bowl of oatmeal, and a regular dinner, and even occasionally eat desserts, which did not have any adverse effects on digestion. What I noticed is that after my Mana lunch, I did not eat snacks because I am not hungry. In my opinion, this is very fatal. Another thing is that I don’t have to figure out what to eat for lunch. bonus!

I was on a business trip last week and brought a handful of ManaDrinks as a backup. When I don’t have time to eat breakfast, they completely save me breakfast, and when I bow my head and forget to eat, they completely save me lunch. They taste exactly the same (provided that you measure the spoon correctly when using ManaPowder) and are very convenient. I also like the Tetra Pak containers they use, which can be directly put into the recycling bin after completion.

I used the blender a few times (to solve the problem of clumping), added some frozen blueberries one morning, and added bananas for lunch one day. Given that there are currently only two flavor bases, it adds some changes. I hope they provide something new in the future. Maybe it’s fruity or green superfoods?If you really want to be creative, there is a whole tag on their website dedicated to recipe Served with smoothies or even cookies! Interestingly, they also entered the meat alternative market through ManaBurger. This is something I hope to try as soon as possible.

If you don’t like Nalgene, the only other advice I offer is to choose the bottle that suits you. In my case, the Mana bottle is great, but the lid has a large surface area to hold the liquid after shaking.I picked it up Humangear’s cap Cap+ This adds a smaller drinking opening and plugs the lid in a cool way.

what do I like

  • It tastes so good that it can directly replace a meal
  • Let me skip snacks
  • Available in mixed or ready-to-drink
  • ManaPowder is less than US$2/meal, ManaDrink is less than US$3.50, cost-effective

What will i change

  • Solutions to reduce caking
  • Add new flavors

Final thoughts

I am very satisfied with the effect of ManaDrink and ManaPowder meal replacement products. I really like these two flavors, they are easy to make, and they make me skip snacks. It may not be a small tool, but it does feel like finding a meal with a keyboard shortcut that can save a lot of time. For me, Mana is very suitable.

TasterPack • $20, 1 ManaDrink of each flavor, 1 ManaPowder of each flavor
StarterPack • $22 a bottle and a scoop
ManaDrink Origin • US$12 per box US$42
ManaDrink Choco • A box of 12 for $45
ManaPowder Origin • 35 meals for $69 (7 bags of 5 servings) | 140 meal bags for $245
ManaPowder Choco • 35 meals for $71 (7 bags for 5 servings) | 140 meal bags for $250
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