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Managing your money transfers with Western Union is easier with the Maya app at hand.

With Maya, you can pick up your Western Union money from 200 different countries around the world from the comfort of your home – no need to travel and queue at physical touchpoints. All you need to do is ask the sender to cash out the funds to your Maya app via Western Union.

In addition to easily receiving money transfers with your smartphone, Maya also allows you to manage all your finances in one app – so you can pay your bills, buy groceries, boost your savings at 6% interest, and even buy some cryptocurrency when you receive funds After a few minutes!

“Maya has always been committed to providing users with easy money management and returns, including receiving international money transfers,” said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer, Maya Philippines“Together with Western Union, we simplify the flow of money from our OFWs to recipients across the country and enable them to do more with their money through our related services.”

In addition to taking advantage of Maya’s all-in-one capabilities, you can also enjoy exclusive benefits when you pay with Maya. Whether you’re dining out with your family or shopping for groceries, pay with Maya QR, card or mobile number until 31 October 2022 to get 100% cash back or crypto back up to P500.

Once your necessities are spent, you can even put extra money into a Maya savings account and watch it grow at a hefty 6% interest rate! If you’re interested in encryption, why not buy it for as low as P1 through your Maya app?

Maya enables users to manage all their finances in one app: pay bills in a minute, Their savings can increase by up to 6%, There are a lot more. Completely free to download and sign up, Maya includes a feature-rich e-wallet, an inclusive digital bank, and everything you need to save, spend, grow and manage money on your smartphone.

For more information and updates on the country’s all-in-one currency platform, visit Maya And follow Maya on Facebook.

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