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Travel and enjoy endless possibilities with Vivo Y35’s massive 256GB storage and 44WFastCharging technology!

Smartphones have quickly become an essential item in everyone’s daily life – whether at work or at play. From making plans and updating social media messages to capturing fond memories of personal trips, people need a smartphone that can keep up with all these adventures.

With vivo’s recent partnership with AirAsia Philippines, vivo will share how to maximize the enjoyment of travel with powerful devices like the vivo Y35. Find out why it’s the perfect travel companion for every adventure.

Enjoy non-stop fun all day long

Travelers often spend their time exploring the beauty of a destination and indulging in the locals, and it would be a shame to find your smartphone dead on the way. While power banks can be convenient, they can be inconvenient to carry around because they are often heavy.

Thanks to the Vivo Y35, you don’t have to worry about constant charging as it has a huge 5000mAh battery that can last all day and more. If you have no choice but to charge, don’t worry because the vivo Y35 has 44W FastCharge power. This best charging feature lets you boost your phone’s power #QuickAsAFlash so you can go back and keep recording fun without worrying about running out of battery.

Create and store more unforgettable travel memories

In today’s demanding lifestyle, cramming into a quick vacation can be challenging. This is why it is imperative to capture and preserve as many memories as possible while on the road. From taking hundreds of photos and videos, creating reels and sharing them on your social media accounts, you can now use vivo Y35 with its 8GB+8GB expansion RAM to do it all at the same time. This expanded RAM 3.0 is the first product line of vivo Y-series, allowing users to easily open multiple applications at the same time and quickly switch between them without lag or stuttering.

With its impressive storage space, vivo Y35 not only ensures smooth responsiveness, but also allows you to safely save a lot of photos and videos. The vivo Y35 and its expanded RAM are specially paired with 256GB of built-in ROM, so you never have to worry about erasing all those precious memories. You can also expand this already large ROM further up to 1TB, giving you more room to take photos on your future fun-filled adventures.

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Capture your travel itinerary like a pro without breaking your pocket

If you’re on a tight travel budget, it’s important to get the best price possible – whether it’s your hotel room, food or transportation. However, when it comes to photos and videos, there should be no compromises.This in vivo With its smarter camera, the Y35 ensures the best quality output every time. Its triple AI rear camera front-facing 50MP main camera allows you to capture the best moments of your travels, while its 16MP HD front-facing camera is great for not only capturing vibrant and crisp selfies, but also for vlogging, Especially when you are traveling alone. Night tour? Don’t worry, because even on the darkest nights, you can still get the most colorful results with Super Night Camera and Super Night Selfie.

The #QuickAsAFlash vivo Y35 is equipped with higher-level features that are sure to help enhance your travel experience and allow you to enjoy endless possibilities. vivo Y35 is now only P14,999 on vivo official website and Lazada, Shopee online stores and TikTok and all brick-and-mortar stores and kiosks across the country. If you’re looking for an installment plan, the vivo Y35 is also available for 6 to 18 months and 6 to 12 months with Home Credit and credit cards, respectively. To learn more about vivo Y35, please visit vivo official website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube on their official social media pages.

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