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Marine Life (and my mom)-Advanced #15-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, my name is David, this is an Italian podcast, especially if you are listening Advanced plot. This episode was written and read by my mother, so thank my mother. What is it about?Well, this episode is basically about her life at sea as a child, her own Life by the sea (Life by the sea) We can say, so let us say, it tells her past as a child. When he comes here to go out to sea, for example, (near). Close to our area.Is called Piedmont, and there is another region, Liguria, so let’s say, that’s Vacation destination (Vacation destination) It is more common for Piedmontese who want to go to sea, because there is no sea in Piedmont. So the nearest sea is the Ligurian Sea. He also talked about how he learned to swim, and… I put him in the advanced series because I think you don’t know too many words, so… how to learn them? Well, if you don’t understand them, you can go to, on the website, you can reread the episode, or better read it or even listen to it again, but read it. This is a good way to learn, let’s say. Internalization (Internalization), All these difficult words.

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Since childhood (From when we were young) In summer, our parents took my brother and me to the seaside in Liguria, which is the area bordering Piedmont in southern Italy. Lambita (Being tapped-“wet” in this case) It happens to come from the Ligurian Sea, so it is an easy destination for Turin particular We went (=we went) in Pretty (Cute and beautiful) The town is called Finale Ligure. We stayed at the Riviera Hotel for three weeks. This is a cozy little hotel. Family run (Family owned). Our day Flowing (Passing by) Quiet, starting with a delicious breakfast, then we went to the beach, then back to the hotel for lunch, and then Digestion walk (=walking digestion) electronic From the inevitable nap (The inevitable nap -Satire) in the room.We return to the beach around 4pm, then return in the late afternoon to prepare dinner, and then walk for a longer time seaside (at the seaside). I like those days, but the most important thing is that I really like life by the sea, that is to spend quality time on the beach with my brothers and friends, and most importantly swim in the sea (swim in the sea).Clarification: we usually go to one bathhouse (Bathing facilities), That is, a paid structure is equipped with umbrella (Sun umbrella), ReclinerSunbed -From “lie down”, which means “lie down”), Bar, bathroom, shower room, changing room, Pedal boat Running a few laps at sea, the most important thing is me Lifeguard (Lifeguard), Whose job is Supervise the safety of swimmers (Pay attention to the safety of swimmers), To intervene in the event of danger.Or, there used and still exists so-called free beaches, where you have to bring everything equipment (equipment) And there is no Security personnel (Security personnel)Therefore, for the sake of convenience, as children, we always visit the private beaches, which are still quite expensive.As mentioned before, at that moment I waited convulsively (I will wait emotionally and convulsively =) It is swimming in the sea. But there are two problems.The first problem is that I still don’t know how to swim, or about 6-8 years old I swim (I am a little swimming-the suffix “icchio” means that an action has a certain degree of difficulty or does not have much confidence) versus Lifebuoy (life jacket),This is an donut (“donut”) Inflatable plastic bag Hide below armpit (Caught under the armpit), Which allows me to Keep floating (Keep floating). Later, the life jacket was replaced with armrest (Armband, hydrofoil), The same puffed donuts and String together (Put on, wear) High around the arm. Moreover, in the city, due to various reasons, we did not go to the children to teach swimming, so there is no way to learn.The second question is strict (= required) You must wait no less than three hours after a meal to take a bath without affecting digestion: a recent rule Some relief (= Decrease, become less serious). So I try to pass the time by playing with sand, wet my feet (at least this is allowed), and ask my mother if I can go in the water every half hour.The long-awaited moment finally arrived, but I was allowed to stay in the water for a maximum of 20 minutes to avoid catching cold and sick (Infected).
But let’s talk about the most interesting question: how did I learn to swim without a life jacket. I am about 11 years old, so I am not a child anymore.One of us Umbrella neighbor (Shading neighbors), A good girl, she offered to teach me: so she took me into the water, there is no handrail e support me Floating on or on your belly (She will hold me and let me float face down or face up) Allow me to master the basics. But this is not to say that I have made great progress.A good day i remember I take the initiative (My own consent), My parents don’t know (Parents don’t know, parents don’t know), I entered the water without a handrail, I let myself slide down Two to three freestyle (Two or three strokes swimming freestyle). A great achievement: I managed to float alone, with the passage of time and continuous exercise, I became safer and safer in the water until I reached the goal Most coveted​​ (Yearing, coveting) With us Ok (buoy), Is actually a floating platform about 50 meters from the shore!
But let’s do another conquest: how to swim face down, that is, to dip your face into the water, and how to learn to breathe properly. In fact, I have learned to move in the water, but my head is strictly outward, so in order to get a more suitable style, it is necessary to take another step forward.One summer, at the end of the holiday (I must be 14 years old) I found one Little book (A small book) Titled “Know how to swim”.Very interested, I decided to buy it, but Ugh (Ugh) It’s time to return to the city, so I didn’t have a chance to put the teachings into practice.however I don’t give up (I will not surrender) And once I got to Turin, I decided Try my hand (Try my hand) The same is true for the first basic exercise: how to keep your eyes open underwater.It’s about filling a basin (barrel) Or a basin of water, put some small objects on the bottom, such as rings, bracelets, etc., dip your face into your forehead, and open your eyes to see the objects you placed before. In summary, I arm myself with courage (I arm myself with courage) I followed the instructions in the letter: It’s not that difficult, and the satisfaction I feel is indescribable!From that moment on, the way to conquer swimming is downhill (downhill). The next year, my parents bought one stay (= apartment) In another place in Liguria, in an apartment with a swimming pool: at that time, all the opportunities were well gained more confidence in style, especially Rana (breaststroke) (My favorite) and freestyle.Later, I also took swimming lessons in the city, but I still miss that critical moment and overcome my fear. I opened my eyes underwater and saw it for the first time. Air bubbles blow out of the mouth (Bubble comes out of the mouth).

Thank you mom again, I think she wrote very well, what do you think? You can write to me in the comments on this episode on the website. If you want to have more episodes with my mom, please write to me. Someone told me that my mother’s voice is very good, so I am very happy to hear this. I also want to… I also want to know if this means my voice is bad, I don’t know, but you can write to me.Indeed, you can Let me rest assured (Reassure me) If you want, you can tell me that you like me too, I don’t know what you want, but to be honest, honesty is very important. Nothing, I suggest you listen to this episode 3, 4, 5 times to get used to and internalize all these words.Go to Italki and do nothing, leave one Comment on this podcast on Apple PodcastWhy this should be as you know… At least, I’m not sure, but it should be useful. At least, that’s what I think. I’m not sure, but everyone said that to me.
For example, I read the last comment.By the way, if you don’t know Apple Podcasts, then the comment is By country (Divided by country), So if a person goes up, say, he reads American reviews on American websites and only German reviews on German websites, but…for example, the largest American market has 87 reviews, or more precisely 87 comments, not everyone writes, but if you write better. For example, Armani Barboncino (a nice name) wrote to me:

Education is fun, education is fun! ! !

I have subscribed to more than a dozen Italian podcasts, but this one is my “out of no compromise” favorite. Davide and Erika are true professionals. Tribute to them!

Thank you Armani for the kind words…I think one of the things I can do is to read the comments (on the podcast), I think this is a good idea, even in other languages. Okay, that’s it, thank you, we will be back soon. Hello there!

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