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Meal Planning Ideas Week 87

Last week’s meal plan Progressing well. We had a lot of warm winter meals, perfect for the bad weather we had.
We're looking forward to another week of Gusto recipes as well as some of my own. It should be good!
Here’s this week’s meal plan…

Monday – Creamy Garlic and Cilantro Butter Chickpea Burritos. Our meatless dinner for the week. (gusto box)

Tuesday – Creamy mushroom salad with rice and sour cream. We won't be using sour cream because Craig can't eat it after the transplant. (gusto box)

Wednesday – Tomato pork meatball sandwich with crisps. (gusto box)

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Thursday – Warm up bacon and bean casserole with crispy potato chips. (gusto box)

Friday—Brioche hot dogs.

Saturday – air fried chicken. This is my favorite homemade KFC fake meal.

Sunday – Homemade Lasagna With chunky potato chips.

What are you eating this week?

take a look at our Recipe page and our meal planning section Check out more weekday meal ideas!

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