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Meal Planning Ideas Week 88

A new week means a new meal plan! We always look forward to the Gusteau boxes and this week there are some lovely recipes to try. We also have Pancake Day on Tuesday so the food is all delicious!
Here’s this week’s meal plan…

Monday – Sausage, pepper and potato hash with herb chili sauce. (gusto box)

Tuesday – Pancake certainly!

Wednesday – Grilled chicken and almond curry with rice and naan. Delicious curry for Valentine’s Day! I also bought some pudding for dessert. (Gusteau Box)

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Thursday – Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice. (gusto box)

Friday – Beef kebab burgers with halloumi fries. We're really looking forward to this. (gusto box)

Saturday – Bring the curry to a boil.

Sunday – Roast Beef Dinner.

What are you eating this week?

take a look at our Recipe page and our meal planning section Check out more weekday meal ideas!

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