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Migrating to Mastodon and some additional announcements – Bill Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory

Today, I have some news and information. First, I’ll detail how to migrate to Mastodon so you can keep following me while I escape Twitter. Second, I provide registration details for the next MMT edX MOOC course. And third, I’ve provided access details for the annual Helsinki Public Lecture, which starts tomorrow at 19:00 ET.

Migrate to Mastodon

About a week ago, Twitter unilaterally shut down access to third-party apps like Twitterific without warning and without any explanation.

A few days later there were some rumors of an API violation, but they were a ruse to hide the fact that Twitter was intentionally breaking the viability of these apps.

I use (and buy) Twitterific because it’s a better Twitter client than Twitter’s own app, which has become riddled with ads and clutter.

So Twitter actually made my purchases unavailable, presumably in the hope that we could rely on it’s own app for ad revenue. I can’t think of any other motivation.

Before this I had been thinking of ditching Twitter even though it is now a billionaires toy and increasingly full of crazy stuff like there are tons of Covid deniers out there bragging about it every day while misquoting scientific studies own insights etc.

But shutting down access to Twitterific was a so-called lifesaver for me.

I have now migrated to Mastodon and I want all the 20500 people who follow me to also migrate to Mastodon.

I intend to tweet again for a short time, but soon I will be closing my account and operating exclusively on Mastodon.

Initially, taking action was a bit daunting, and I can’t say I’ve fully grasped it.

But once I made my decision, it was pretty simple to get up and running.

Here’s what I did:

1. I learned what Mastodon is – a decentralized system of servers (“instances”) run mostly by volunteers that grows daily and provides access to registered users.

So you have to find an instance and set up a free account.

To find examples, visit – join mastodon – and follow the instructions to set up your account. You can also download the iOS or Android app and start there.

I did the former and later downloaded the iOS app for iPhone/iPad.

Join Mastodon has a search tool that will show you all instances where new employees are currently being hired. There are many – defined by region and/or interest group.

They each have their own rules and protocols – so if you don’t want porn or silly right-wing content, then you can avoid it.

2. I decided to join a general server located in Finland – mastodon world – It’s a simple process.

I was up and running in minutes and my new Mastodon name is @[email protected] – You use it to find me like you use @billy_blog on Twitter.

3. You can personalize your Firefox/Safari browser view and also download applications.

I use Apple desktops and laptops running macOS and I choose – matador – As my client, so far so good.

I’m using Mastodon’s owm iOS for iPhone app on my phone and it’s working fine so far.

4. The idea of ​​federation took a while to get used to, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Essentially, you post “toots” (tweets) and “boost” toots (retweets).

You can like a beep.

You can also follow people just like you do on Twitter, and their toots will appear in your timeline (in chronological order).

5. I’m working on creating my own instance to host the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) content, but given my current work commitments, it will take me a while to set up.

I’m still working on porting my blog to our new system – has to be a priority at this stage.

6. So all 20,500 followers – I’m leaving Twitter soon.

If you think it’s worth it to keep following me and get my “toots” instead of tweets, then I hope you’ll go there and create a Mastodon account and use my address above – @[email protected] – Find me and choose to follow.

As with all online communities, the experience is usually richer the more people you join.

Also, I found the vibe on Mastodon to be very different from the intimidation and aggression I encountered on Twitter.

Unlike Twitter, no billionaire owns Mastodon, so there is a general collective consciousness.

So be a fugitive like me and keep in touch.

Helsinki Public Lecture – Confronting the Global Challenges of Ongoing Pandemics, Climate Change and Rising Inflation – January 25, 2023

Tomorrow evening (AEDT) I will be giving my annual public lecture at the University of Helsinki.

This year’s theme is – Facing the global challenges of ongoing pandemics, climate change and rising inflation.

You can watch at 19:00 ET using this URL –

As part of the event, listeners can ask questions after the lecture.

The meeting will last approximately 90 minutes maximum.


1. 19:00 Australian East Coast Time.

2. 10:00 Helsinki time.

3. 17:00 Kyoto time.

4. 08:00 London time.

5. 03:00 New York time

MMTed and edX MOOC – Modern Monetary Theory: Economics for the 21st Century – Now Open

MMTed invites you to register for the edX MOOC – Modern Monetary Theory: Economics for the 21st Century – and registration is now open.

This is a 4-week free course that will start on 15 February 2023.

You will be able to understand MMT properly through lots of videos, discussions etc. Various MMT scholars make appearances.

For those who have completed previously offered courses, some new material will be presented this time.

New video and text material will be provided discussing current inflation events from an MMT perspective.

There will also be some live interactive activities where students can discuss the material with me and ask questions.

more details:

Enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2023 William Mitchell. all rights reserved.

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