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Milk 380 drone development showcased at D&S

Milk 380 drone

Milk offers a wide range of products covering air, land and sea.

The main products the company will be exhibiting are its 40mm weapon system, Supersix Multi-Range Grenade Launcher (MRGL), Stopper Convertible, Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher (UGBL) and our new Multi-Barrel Anti-Riot (MAR) Less – lethal weapon.

The company will also showcase its automatic grenade launcher at the show, which the company believes will be one of the main attractions on its booth.

Milk will also showcase a scale model of its currently developing Milk 380 UAV, which is receiving a lot of attention from the international market. The 18.6m wingspan drone has a maximum takeoff weight of 2,866 lbs (1,300 kg), can carry a payload of 462 lbs (210 kg), and has a maximum range of over 1,080 nautical miles (2,000+ km). It has a service ceiling of 30,000 feet (9,144m) and a battery life of 35 hours.

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