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“Mine”, “What Do You Think”, “Be Someone”-Spoken Language #5-Italian Podcast


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Italian podcast, in the new episode of “Spoken Usage”, in this series we talk about common expressions of colloquialism Make (Production) Your most natural Italian.Today we talk about some expressions I believe (Think, consider) If you want to speak in a more natural and conversational way, this might interest you.
Let’s start by talking about “mine”, “your” or “his”. What am i talking about? I’m talking about “my parents”. In fact, when we refer to our parents, it is common to say “mine”, “his”, and “your” in colloquial terms. However, intuitively, I would not say “our”, “your”, “their”, which seems a bit strange and unnatural. But the first three people (“mine”, “your”, “his”) are often used in spoken language. So let us give some examples.
“How are they your? I haven’t seen them for a while (= a period of time)”

mine I’m on holiday in the Maldives”

“I went to a party at my friend’s house. His parents were away, and he threw a party of about fifty people. They have Have a party (They get together) All night, they destroyed the house…obviously his When they came back, they were not very happy”

one left Say Which recite (As the saying goes): “Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with anyone”, Which happens to have the word “your”, which means “your parents”. This sentence means: “Spend Christmas with your parents, and spend Easter with anyone you want.”Honestly, I think Say more meaningful (It makes more sense to say this) “Spend Christmas with anyone you want, new Year (New Year’s Day —— new your’s eve will be “New Year’s Eve” or “New Year’s Eve”, but many people use “New Year” to refer to 31/12 night) With anyone you want” because I believe Easter is where most people pace (Cost) men Family, New Year’s Eve on December 31 [intendo la sera di capodanno, perché capodanno è il primo giorno di gennaio], Usually after a certain age, boys will celebrate with friends instead of with family members. But that’s okay. As the saying goes, we can celebrate Easter with anyone we want.

“We believe”. Ok. What do you mean “who do we like?”
The verb “opinion” is usually synonymous with “seems.”
“It seems weird to me=”It seems weird to me”

“In my opinion his birthday is August 21st” = “In my opinion his birthday is August 21st”.

But “seems” are more common than “opinions”.

“Yesterday Jenny seemed to me thoughtful (thoughtful)“=Jenny seemed very considerate to me yesterday.

I think you understand that they are basically synonyms.

At this significance (Meaning, meaning)However, “to spend (celebrate) Easter with someone you like”, and “person you like” means “And anyone you want“.
I don’t know the etymology, maybe it’s Imply (Implied) Another verb like “With someone you like Completely correct/suitable (Appropriate, appropriate)“. I don’t know, but that’s what they say. Let’s give other examples.

“Do it what do you like“= do what you want to do”.
“or What do you like, I will not go with you” = “Go where you want to go, I will not go with you”.
In these sentences with imperative sentences (do, go), “in your opinion”, in my opinion Denotti (= Means, Said) for sure upset (stimulate). The person who said these words may be a bit pissed off (Angry, angry), Also a little angry. So be careful about using “you think” like this.
In a sense, the more “irritated” version has this structure: “You like it, like it”.For example, a child arrogant (brutal) Might say:

“I do it this way I think and like“= Or “I do everything I want to do, you can’t tell me what to do or not to do, I do everything I want to do and like”.

Or, for example:

“You can’t say that What you like and like For people you have to Take care of (Attention, take care) Feelings towards them”.

and so [mi pare e piace] It is an extension of “I think”, “Do you think”, etc.
As I found in the La Repubblica dictionary, it is a “Grievances (Resentment) Their freedom”. I like this definition. It sounds interesting to me but it also real (real).

I also thought of one More (one more) Use “do you think”, which is the usage of the phrase “but do you think?!”. Pay attention to the intonation. Very important.This is the phrase we use when someone says something stupid unreasonable (unreasonable). In our opinion, our interlocutor said something a little strange and absurd. E.g:

-“Will you skydive with me?”
——”But you think? I suffer from vertigo (I’m afraid of heights)
In other words, “Is this a logical proposal for you? What are you talking about?”
“Do you think” can also be replaced with “But does it seem to you?”

-“My friend asked me if I wanted to help him painting (painting) The walls of his house”
-“Will you do it?”
——”But what do you think? I have an exam tomorrow, and there are still many things to do. If he still needs it, maybe next week. I just can’t today”

Let us continue with the last sentence of today, which is “Do to someone”. If you are learning Italian, you will know that Italian likes the verb “to do”. Production can be used in a thousand different ways, but today we will see a particularly colloquial way, or “do” with the meaning of “speaking”.
“My teacher was teaching yesterday [one more use of fare :)] And at some point FA Say to a friend of mine: “Rosie, is he sleeping?”He didn’t answer, it seemed that he was very sleepy and fell asleep on the table (on the table)
“Jenny told me yesterday:”Do you want to drink beer?“(Do you want to drink beer?) Then I said “No, I must get up early tomorrow.” Finally we come back at 4 in the morning”

As usual, I want to end this episode by inserting all these uses in a conversation that contains all these uses Let you go (So ​​you can, give you the possibility) Feel their actions.

“I your Do you have? “
“No, they went to the Museum of Modern Art”
“Oh awesome! And why don’t you go?”
But you think I go to the Museum of Modern Art? I don’t like modern art at all”
“Sorry, but you are a Passionate about art (Art lovers) You should also appreciate modern art, which is very important”
“I appreciate it I think and like. Modern art really bores me, so I don’t want to go there”
“But now if I remember correctly, Kandinsky has an exhibition… we can go together”
“Listen, you go What do you like, I’m not going”
“Okay, but don’t be angry. what’s happenin? (what’s happenin?)
“Sorry, it’s Gianni today It makes me Who won’t accompany me to the movie tonight. We should go to the new Star Wars movie, now I don’t know who to watch, that’s why I’m a little angry. “
“Ah, sorry. I’m going to see it mine tonight”.
“You didn’t improve the situation…”

This is today’s “Spoken Language Use” episode. I hope you like it and find it useful. I remind you that on, you will, as always, find the complete record of the episode.
Thanks again for listening, see you next time, see you!

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